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Classic Imagic Font DCDragonfire Available for Free

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We are officially releasing the Imagic font "DCDragonfire" used to design the Imagic video game artwork as seen in the Activision Anthology collections. This font has variations included in both the upper and the lowercase letters due to the oddities such as the "N" which appears in two different styles. Additionally we have included several Imagic character icons to increase the size of the set.


The Activision Anthology was initially released in 2002 with several additional releases cover other systems and eventually including the Imaic game collection via the Playstation Portable. Doc4's ( previously AtariCart ) artwork reconstruction was utilized for both the original Atari 2600 Activision and Imagic game collections within the Anthology. We hope that you enjoy this font release and please leave a comment. In the coming months we will be releasing our second retro font titled "8-bitAlbert" which is dedicated to our host Albert Yarusso to remind me, personally that I was pressured into creating it. ;)


Thanks and enjoy: DCDragonfire

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We have uploaded a new version of the DC Dragonfire font as a TrueType file (.ttf) which will work on both Mac and PC. Also note there was an issue with the uppercase "A" that has been corrected. If you have an older version please delete it and download the new file. Thanks go out to Michael for making note of this.

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