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Lynx on Dreamcast?

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I would like to play some of my games on a larger screen but I've got zero experience with emulation on consoles. I've read that the Dreamcast can do all sorts of stuff that I don't quite understand. Can anyone point me in the right direction or tell me if its even possible to run an emulator on my Dreamcast?

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Indeed the Dreamcast is the best machine for homebrews; mainly because there is no need for any modifications or extra hard- and software.


Here´s a link to a popular Dreamcast site.


That said, I don´t think there is a Lynx-emulator available on the Dreamcast. Neither is there one on Nintendo DS. A sign of the system´s low popularity I guess.


You can play stuff like CPC, NES, Mega Drive, SNES, PlayStation or Neo Geo with it though.


If you actually do happen to find one though, you don´t need to do anything with your DC to play it. Just burn the image to a CD-R (NOT RW) and play it. Most homebrews are selfbootable nowadays, if you have bad luck you get one wich is not; in that case you just have to burn a boot disc as well.


BTW, most Dreamcast images are in CDI-format, and it is much easier to find working images in that format.

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There is a emulator of Lynx on Dreamcast. The large emulation list here:




Atari Lynx M.E.S.S.

"This is based off Ice88/Warmtoes work on M.E.S.S. and M.A.M.E. source code 0.71. It's running at about 36fps, which is a great speed for lynx. The only gam tested is rygar, so other game speeds may vary."


Download link:







All and all, I have tried Chips Challenge on it, and it was pretty good. Hard to select files in the menu system, but once you get through that, the game was playable, though slower than what you would expect of normal Lynx speeds. However, playable.


I think made a disc using BootDreams or something like that. Been about two years since I have messed with the emulators on the Dreamcast.

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I tried porting the sdl handy version, but the speed was too slow to my taste and never released it.


What's nice with the dreamcast is the ability to run homebrews without any modification of the console, just burn the cd and run it.

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