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Nintendo NES Rarity is complete at SMX

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bard's tale is an 8? I've got that, and I see it around... miracle piano, don't have the peripheral though too bad

I figured chiller was my most rare one, and that's only a six here. River city ransom Has to be more common than a five... swamp thing is harder to find around here than most of the 5 ones

..zombie nation is higher than a four.. I've seen literally dozens, maybe over a hundred river city ransoms out there and only one zombie nation, one swamp thing..


In summation, I feel that many entries on this list are inaccurate. However, I gladly acknowledge that any list-making is a service to the community and I ain't done it, so I don't really have a right to complain.




Thank you! As is to be expected all rarity guides are fluid documents. Time makes fools of us all, and region plays heavily (as with your RCR). The rarity guide at SMX is constantly being revised and updated as new information comes to light.


I agree, Bard's Tale is high. Probably more like a 5 or 6.

River City Ransom may be a 4, but around here I see few. I see even less Zombie Nation and Swamp Thing.


All input is certainly welcome (be sure to drop any future inaccuracies you note in the SMX forums and we'll kick 'em around) and we are always looking for more perspectives to help correct the numbers. :thumbsup:

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Yes, a rarity guide is always a work in progress...I am going to change some of the rarities mentioned. Any input is welcomed in our forums also.

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