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The everything (or most) must go thread

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Yep, I'll be trying to unload most of my Atari stuff. Hopefully there's some interest here :D


I accept paypal and money orders. Shipping is from Orlando, FL (32803) and prices do not include shipping.


Please include what you're paying for in the PP transaction or on a note with the money order. I'll gladly take more pictures.


Here we go:


PSX modded with stealth reduced to $35:





Untested. $10 for the lot?






Untested. Shaq Fu there's two copies (one boxed0, the other box has no cart. $18 $14 for the lot.







$7 each

Taiwan Coopers are on hold. Gatefold Combat still available







NES pad modded for the 7800. These sold for $50. You can have it for $35 $30







Playstation PSX trackball. $12 $10

SOLD Radica Space Invaders modded for the 7800: $20








Nintendo R-Type arcade control panel modded to work on the 7800 and 2600. Both sets of buttons work. $40? $35






SOLD Basic Programming with overlays and envelope: $10

Adventure: $7

SOLD Space Shuttle complete with overlays: $10






$20 $16

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So everyone got their stuff/refund? Sorry about the delays. Any questions please PM me.


All additional sales are closed for now unless it's local pickup. Still got lots of stuff, but I can't ship ATM and internet access is limited.



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