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Atari Music Composer Manual

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I've been looking for this for a while; then I dug up 2 or 3 old threads of others asking for this but it was never posted. I didn't see it on the web, either.


I was thinking that since you need to load DOS in order to save files (with this cartridge) that I wasn't sure a binary-load of Music Composer exe file would allow DOS functions.....and I wanted the manual. So I bought one that came with the manual from Ebay.


I first scanned this at 200dpi and made roughly 1700 x 2200 pixel quality jpegs and then made a quality PDF....turned out to be 34 megabytes - ouch! So I resized the pix all to 850 pixels wide and saved them at "7/10 quality" and then made another PDF and resulted in this one, that looks good - just not as crisp...but roughly 3.5 megabytes....quite manageable.


I'll attach it here. I think there may be a "quick reference card" that I do not have. Anybody willing to scan just that?


What a pain! I finally got it to post here!


This board only allows max attachment size of 2MB so I had to use RAR compression and split it in 2. Then, I uploaded the first part and it said "that type of file not allowed" for some reason.


So I renamed the file extensions to ".zip" and it accepted it. YOU NEED TO RENAME IT BACK TO ".rar" TO EXTRACT THIS!


Once you download, you may need to (in Windows explorer) go to the folder where the files are, then go to "TOOLS" drop-down menu, then selct "FOLDER OPTIONS" then select "VIEW" tab and then uncheck (in the list) "hide extensions for known file types" so you can rename this back to .rar. (I understand most of you here know this but in case a newbie downloads this!!)

Music Composer Manual_small.part1.zip

Music Composer Manual_small.part2.zip

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Thanks for the upload. It always good to have manuals like this digitized. You may want to contact Atarimania to have this one available on their website.

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What a pain! I finally got it to post here!

And I finally got it extracted. First attempts resulted in failed CRC errors so according to your text(split?), I added the two files together again using 'copy a+b c' method which made perfect sense in a way, but still no cigar. It was as a last attempt using the shortened file names of part1.rar and part2.rar that my Un-rar actually worked to create the pdf file.


It's a problem with long filenames apparently, I shortened them to make it convenient to combine them with that MS-DOS copy file function. Who could have guessed that would fix the failed CRC error?


So to recap, rename Music Composer Manual_small[1].part1.zip to part1.rar


Music Composer Manual_small[1].part2.zip to part2.rar

and then unRar part1.rar with part2.rar being in the same folder. Somehow part2 is found and used.


Nice job, thanks - it looks just like the physical manual would look to me. Off site hosting might allow download managers to lock onto the files which is not possible with on site downloads in case you didn't think of that aspect.

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