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Instrumentarium Remix (Pokey tune with unusual instruments)

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I decided to release some files I used to compose the Instrumentarium tune. I'd call it 'source' files.


As a reminder, see this link: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/149261-a-new-pokey-tune-unusual-instruments/



Some description of how I did it:

-Patch RMT with custom notation tables (sawtooth, 1.79mhz distortion2, distortion guitar) : Patch version 3

-Compose tune in RMT (Patch 3)

-Compute another custom notation table for the 'clarinet' instrument: insert values in a Table of Pitches in 4 instruments

-When finished, export the file to .xex

-Open .xex in Hex editor and insert/replace some stuff (see below: 'Bypass hack')

-Save again as the final .xex

-Make .atr




Description of the bypass hack:


Step 1:


Find: 20 18 39 (means JSR $3918

Replace by: 20 00 20 (means JSR $2000 : the bypass code)



Step 2: Insert an extra data module:


Start of file was:

FF FF 82 31 58 39 ....


Insert new data between 2nd and 3rd byte:

FF FF {} 82 31 58 39 ....


This becomes:


00 20 11 20 A2 03 A5 D1 F0 04 C9 FC D0 02 A2 8B 8E 0F D2 4C 18 39 (the inserted line: 18 bytes)

82 31 58 39


The insert means:

00 20 11 20 = new data module (of 18 bytes) from $2000 to $2011
A2 03  LDX #$03 ; Default value to be stored into SKCTL ($D20F)
A5 D1  LDA $D1  ; RMT zeropage register : Which songline number is playing?
F0 04  BEQ #$04 ; Skip next 2 instructions if songline# value = 0 (corresponds to line $19)
C9 FC  CMP #$FC ; Check whether songline# value = 252 (corresponds to line $18)
D0 02  BNE #$02 ; Skip next instruction if songline# value <> 252
A2 8B  LDX #$8B ; Value to activate 2-tone-filter (in songline $18 & $19)
8E 0F D2  STX $D20F ; Store value of $03 or $8B into SKCTL
4C 18 39  JMP $3918 ; Continu from bypass



In the files I included:

-RMT (Patch 3) tool

-Final .xex & .atr files of the tune

-Original RMT file of 'instrumentarium remix 1'

-Textfile with custom notation table I computed for the 'clarinet'



Any questions? Technical or other? Feel free to ask.


Have fun.

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