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Giving it some serious thought..

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My story is that I used to collect then my (now ex-)wife wanted it all gone, I got an acquaintance to come by in his boat-of-a 1970's station wagon, we filled his trunk, back and front seats and the rest that didnt fit got trashed (sigh)

Years later I found myself single and I went on a speedbuying binge, I bought everything on ebay, I mean 5 figures worth and hoarded. Supreme re-action I am thinking. I am not depressed and hopefully not a hoarder like that current TV show but it was psychological I am sure.

Now it has balanced out a little more, I dont play everything I buy or bought, to me it is a collection. If I sell anything, it is 90% of the time a duplicate.

I suppose my points are that I REALLY regret getting rid of everything originally, and understanding my motivation (even after the fact) of why I binge-bought helped me gain control over it. Anything to excess is not good. Balance is good.

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