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Depressing Games

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After reading a few of the posts here on "page 3" of the thread, I wonder if I misunderstood the original point of the thread. Were we shooting for depressing in the sense of "fighting the inevitable", or depressing in "how bad was this game in terms of color, and goal"? Personally, i like the previous over the latter. As I said in my post, so many games were about the end of life/civilization/the world/etc. And each inevitably ended the same way.


To add to this on a different aspect with depressing as in lonely and yet still inevitable death would be games like:



Tunnel Runner

Pac Man series


Okay, why Berzerk? As mentioned, you are in a world filled with robots hell bent on killing you, the last human alive on this planet. You stand still for to long, and Evil Otto comes to bounce on you until you are mush.


Tunnel Runner? Well you are alone in a maze filled with sharp toothed smiley faces, much like Evil Otto's cousins. All they want to do is eat you. They chase you down by either hearing your foot steps, or perhaps the stench of your sweat from always running.


Pac Man series? Well, much on the same lines as Tunnel Runner, except this time around you are a pill popping addict that is being chased by monsters that pulverize you. Your only chance is that little dab of PCP/Angel Dust that makes you so damned tough, you take the fight to the ghost monsters that constantly haunt your pill popping nightmare.

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Some games are depressing because they plain suck...some because they are a let down (Pac Man), and then there are those games that do not fall into either of these catergories yet possess a certain indescribable something that manages to suck all the joy right out of your soul. These are the sort of games I originally intended to address in this thread.


Does anyone else ever feel like punching themselves in the face after playing Beany Bopper? Is this normal? :?

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I think if I'm depressed playing a videogame...it's not because of the game...it's what I bring to it.


Generally I play the 2600 because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!! :lust:

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