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Crazy Climber

Anyone know where I can buy some RAM/ROM chips for my Galaga?

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Just scored a Galaga Caberet (for $100!) but it has some board issues. I get the starfield in the background but RAM errors show on the screen making it unplayable. I found a nice list of which RAM/ROM to check for what code is displayed and I am about to start the reseating process but what if the chips are just dead? I will need to replace them completely I am assuming but where would I purchase just the chips? Anybody know of a good place...or any place for that matter :) I do have the Galaga to Jamma converter so I guess I could just pop a multiboard in it and call it a day but I kind of want to leave this one as a Dedicated Galaga since it is a great stand alone game and I am sure it will get some love at my house. Used boards seem to go for $150+ so I would prefer to just fix the one I have, especially since it powers up and seems semi functional. Any suggestions? Thanks guys :)

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Arcadeshop has ram and troubleshooting info as well. Mikes Arcade also has some troubleshooting info also.

Bob Roberts is one of my favorite sites

Thank you very much for the links! I stumbled on the Bob Roberts site a few years ago and could not remember what or where it was, now I know again, Thanks!

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+1,000,000 on Bob Roberts.


Just got a big order from him yesterday. Pretty much the best person to deal with. You have to send him a check, he won't take paypal or anything else. But once you buy from him once or twice he'll cross-ship your order so it is just as fast if not faster than any other site. Plus, he keeps things in stock. If you order a part from his site he'll have it, not make you wait a week or two while he gets one.


I would say he knows as much or more about this stuff than just about anyone, including the people who built them.

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