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Massive video game sale. Liquidating collection. Huge list.

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I find myself in the unfortunate situation of having to sell my video collection to raise much needed funds. While I'm not getting out of the hobby, I am downsizing my cartridge collection drastically.


If there is no price and you know fair market value for a title, feel free to make an offer. I've tried to set the prices a little below current market value but pricing all of these accurately is a huge job, so I may be off. If you *know* something is not worth what I'm asking, please do not be afraid to offer lower. I want to move these all out asap so I'm going to accept below market value on most everything, especially for multiple item offers.


Almost everything is tested working 100%. These are from my personal collection. See pics for condition.


Everything is loose unless noted


All items will be shipping from zip code 94080. I will ship overseas. I will ship via the cheapest method possible or the fastest, your choice.


I only take Paypal.


The number after the name is the rarity rating, taken either from AA or Digital Press. If there's not a $ in front of it, it's not a price. :)


My feedback on eBay.


Minimum order is $10 (before shipping)






Advanced Dungeons & Dragons [R1] $2

Armor Battle [R1] $2

Astrosmash [R1] $2

Beamrider [R4] $10

Beauty & The Beast [R2] $3

Bomb Squad [R2] $3

BugerTime [R2] $4

Donkey Kong [R2] $3

Dracula [R4] $8

Congo Bongo [R8] $50

Frog Bog [R2] $3

Golf [R1] $2

Major League Baseball [R1] $2

Masters of the Universe [R2] $3

Microsurgeon [R2] $3

NBA Basketball [R1] $2

NFL Football [R1] $2

Night Stalker [R1] $2

Pitfall! [R1] $2

Pole Position [R6] $18

Q*bert [R5] $15

Sea Battle [R1] $2

Snafu [R1] $2

Space Armada [R1] $2

Space Battle [R1] $2

Space Hawk [R1] $2

Space Spartans [R2] $4

Star Strike [R1] $2

StarWars: The Empire Strikes Back [R3] $5

Sub Hunt [R1] $2

Tron Solar Sailer [R2] $3

Tron: Maza-a-Tron [R1] $2

Tropical Trouble [R3] $5

Truckin' [R4] $10

Utopia [R1] $2

Vectron [R1] $2


Atari 2600



I don't have pictures of the Xonox style carts plugged in and working because the buggers don't physically fit in my Ben Heck. :P


3-D Tic-Tac-Toe [R2] $3

Adventure [R2] $3

Adventures of Tron [R3] $5

Air Raiders [R2] $3

Air-Sea Battle [R2] $3

Airlock [R3] $5

Alien [R4] $7

Amidar [R2] $3

Arcade Pinball [R3] $5

Armor Ambush [R3] $5

Artillery Duel [R5] $14

Asteroids [R1] $1

Astroblast [R2] $3

Assault [R9] (PAL?) $TBD

Atlantis [R2] $3

Backgammon [R2] $5

Bank Heist [R5] $8

Barnstorming [R2] $3

Baseball [R2] $3

Baseball (Taiwan Cooper) [R?] $10

Basic Math [R3] $5

Basketball [R2] $3

Battlezone [R2] $3

Beamrider [R5] $13

Bermuda Triangle [R4] $9

Berzerk [R1] $3Blackjack [R2] $3

Blue Print [R3] $5

Bowling [R2] $3

Boxing [R2] $3

Brain Games [R3] $5

Breakaway IV [R3] $5

Breakout [R2] $3

Bridge [R4] $8

Buck Rogers [R4] $8

Bugs [R3] $5

Bump and Jump [R4] $8

California Games [R4] $8

Canyon Bomber [R2] $3

Carnival [R2] $3

Casino [R1] $2

Centipede [R2] $3

Challenge [R4] $8

Championship Soccer [R2] $3

Chase [R5] $13

Checkers (Activision) [R4] $8

China Syndrome [R5] $14

Chopper Command [R2] $3

Circus [R3] $5

Circus Atari [R2] $3

Coconuts [R4] $8

Codebreaker [R3] $5

Combat [R1] $2

Commando [R3] $5

Commando Raid [R2] $3

Congo Bongo [R4] $8

Cosmic Ark [R2] $3

Cosmic Commuter [R5] $16

Cosmic Creeps [R4] $8

Cosmic Swarm [R6] $14

Crackpots [R4] $8

Crash Dive [R5] $14

Cross Force [R5] $14

Crossbow [R2] $3

Cruise Missile [R4] $8

Crypts of Chaos [R5] $14

Crystal Castles [R2] $3

Dare Diver [R5] $14

Dark Chambers [R4] $8

Deadly Duck [R4] $10 *sale pending*

Decathlon [R3] $5

Defender [R1] $2

Defender II [R4] $8

Demolition Herby (Color) [R7] $25

Demon Attack [R2] $3

Demon Attack [R5] (Blue label) $10

Demons to Diamonds [R2] $3

Desert Falcon [R4] $8

Dig Dug [R2] $3

Dodge 'Em [R2] $3

Dodger Cars [R3] $5

Dolphin [R3] $5

Donkey Kong [R1] $2

Donkey Kong [R3] $5 (Atari)

Donkey Kong Junior [R4] $8

Double Dunk [R4] $8

Dragonfire [R2] $3

Dragon Treasure [R5] $14

Dragster [R2] $3

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial [R1] $free with purchase

Earth Attack [R5] $14

Earth Dies Screaming [R5] $14

Eggomania [R4] $8

Encounter at L-5 [R3] $5

Enduro [R2] $3

Entombed [R4] $8

Fantastic Voyage [R4] $8

Farmer Dan [R5] $20

Fast Eddie [R4] $8

Fast Food [R3] $5

Fathom [R4] $8

Final Approach [R4] $9 *sale pending*

Fire Fighter [R3] $5

Fire Fly [R4] $8

Fishing Derby [R3] $5

Flag Capture [R4] $8

Flash Gordan [R4] $8

Football [R1] $2

Freeway [R2] $3

Frogger [R1] $2

Frogger II: Threeedeep! [R6] $15

Frogs and Flies [R2] $3

Front Line [R4] $9

Frontline (Zellers) [R4] $10

Frostbite [R4] $6

Fun With Numbers [R3] $5

G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike [R4] $8

Galaxian [R2] $3

Game of Concentration [R3] $5

Gamma-Attack [R0] re-release (7 of 100) $60

Gangster Alley [R4] $8

Ghostbusters [R4] $8

Golf [R2] $3

Gopher [R4] $8

Gorf [R3] $5

Grand Prix [R2] $3

Gravitar [R2] $3

Gunslinger [R3] $5

Gyruss [R4] $7

Hangman [R2] $3

Haunted House [R2] $3

Home Run [R2] $3

Human Cannonball [R2] $3

Hunt & Score [R3] $5

Ice Hockey [R2] $3

Indy 500 [R2] $3

Infiltrate [R3] $5

International Soccer [R2] $3

Journey Escape [R2] $3

Joust [R2] $3

Jr. Pac-Man [R2] $3

Jungle Hunt [R2] $3

Kaboom! [R2] $3

Kangaroo [R2] $3

Keystone Kapers [R2] $3

Kool-Aid Man [R4] $8

Krull [R4] $8

Kung Fu Master [R4] $8

Laser Blast [R2] $3

Laser Gates [R5] $17*sale pending*

Laser Volley [R4] $8

Lock 'n' Chase [R2] $3

Lost Luggage [R4] $8

M.A.D. [R4] $8

M*A*S*H [R3] $5

Malagai [R9] (repro case, genuine guts) $40

Mario Bros. [R4] $8

Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man [R4] $8

Math [R4] $8

Math Gran Prix [R3] $5

Maze [R2] $3

Maze Craze [R2] $3

Maze Mania [R2] $3

Mega Force [R2] $3

Megamania [R2] $3

Memory Match [R4] $8

Midnight Magic [R3] $5

Millipede [R3] $5

Miniature Golf [R3] $5

Missile Command [R1] $2

Mogul Maniac [R4] $8

Moon Patrol [R2] $3

Moonsweeper [R4] $8

Mountain King [R4] $8

Mouse Trap [R2] $3

Mr. Do! [R5] $12

Ms. Pac-Man [R2] $3

Name This Game [R4] $8

Nexar [R4] $8

Night Driver [R1] $2

No Escape [R4] $8

Ocean City Defender [R4] $10

Oink [R3] $5

Omega Race [R3] $5

Othello [R2] $3

Outer Space [R3] $5

Outlaw [R2] $3

Pac-Man [R1] $2

Pele's Soccer [R2] $3

Pengo [R6] $15

Pete Rose Baseball [R5] $20 *sale pending*

Phoenix [R2] $3

Picnic [R5] $12

Piece o' Cake [R5] $12 *sale pending*

Pigs in Space [R5] $11 *sale pending*

Pinball (Zellers) [R4] $12

Pitfall II [R4] $8

Pitfall! [R2] $3

Planet Patrol [R3] $5

Plaque Attack [R4] $8

Polaris (green label) [R7] $25

Pole Position [R2] $3

Poker Plus [R3] $5

Pong Sports [R3] $5

Pooyan [R5] (boxed) $20

Popeye [R2] $3

Porky's [R4] $8

Pressure Cooker [R4] $8

Private Eye [R5] $11

Q*Bert [R2] $3

Q*Bert [R3] $5 (Atari)

Quick Step! [R5] $12

Race [R3] $5

Racer [R0] (repro) $TBD

Racquetball [R4] $8

Radar Lock [R4] $8

Raft Rider [R5] $14

Raiders of the Lost Ark [R2] $3

Rampage [R5] $13

Reactor [R2] $3

RealSports Baseball [R2] $3

RealSports Boxing [R3] $5

RealSports Football [R2] $3

RealSports Soccer [R3] $7*sale pending*

RealSports Tennis [R3] $7*sale pending*

RealSports Volleyball [R3] $5

Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes [R4] $8

Riddle of the Sphinx [R2] $3

River Raid [R2] $3

Robot Tank [R3] $5

Roc'N Rope [R5] $14

Sea Hawk (Froggo) [R4] $8

Sea Hawk (Panda) [R6] $16

Seaquest [R2] $3

Secret Quest [R4] $8

Shark Attack [R4] $8

Shootin' Gallery [R5] $11

Shuttle Orbiter [R7] $25

Skate Boardin' [R4] $8

Skeet Shoot [R5] $11

Skiiing [R2] $3

Sky Diver [R2] $3

Sky Jinks [R2] $3

Sky Skipper [R3] $5

Slot Machine [R3] $5

Slot Racers [R2] $3

Slots [R4] $5

Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle [R4] $7

Smurfs Save the Day [R8] $30

Sneak'n Peek [R2] $3

Soccer [R3] $5

Solar Fox [R3] $5

Solar Storm [R4] $8

Solaris (sealed) [R2] $3

Sorcerer [R4] $8

Sorcerer's Apprentice [R4] $8

Space Attack [R2] $3

Space Cavern [R3] $5

Space Invaders [R1] $2

Space Jockey [R2] $3

Space Shuttle [R3] $5

Space Shuttle [R4] (blue label) $8

Space War [R2] $3

Spacechase [R3] $7 *sale pending*

Speedway II [R3] $5

Spelling [R4] $7

Spiderdroid [R3] $5

Spitfire Attack [R4] $7

Squeeze Box [R4] $8

Sssnake [R4] $8 *sale pending*

Stampede [R2] $3

Star Fox [R4] $8

Star Raiders [R1] $2

Star Ship [R3] $5

Star Strike [R5] $11

Star Trek [R4] $7

Star Voyager [R2] $3

Star Wars Jedi Arena [R3] $5

Star Wars Death Star Battle [R4] $8

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back [R2] $3

Stargate [R4] $8

Starmaster [R2] $3

Strawberry Shortcake [R4] $7

Street Racer [R2] $3

Summer Games [R4] $8

Super Breakout [R2] $3

Super Challenge Baseball [R2] $3

Super Challenge Football [R3] $5

Super Cobra [R3] $5

Super Football [R2] $3

Superman [R2] $3

Surround [R2] $3

Swordquest EarthWorld [R2] $3

Swordquest FireWorld [R3] $5

Tac-Scan [R3] $5

Tank Plus [R2] $3

Tapeworm [R3] $5

Target Fun [R2] $3

Task Force [R4] $8

Tax Avoiders [R5] $13

Taz [R4] $8

Tennis [R2] $3

Thunderground [R4] $8

Time Pilot [R5] $13

Time Warp [R5] $13

Title Match Pro Wrestling [R4] $8

Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator [R4] $8

Towering Inferno [R3] $5

Track & Field [R6] $20

Trick Shot [R3] $5

Tron Deadly Discs [R3] $5

Tunnel Runner [R4] $8

Turmoil [R3] $5

Tutankham [R3] $5

Vanguard [R2] $3

Venture [R2] $3

Video Checkers [R2] $3

Video Chess [R3] $5

Video Olympics [R2] $3

Video Pinball [R1] $2

Wabbit [R4] $8

Warlords [R1] $2

Warplock [R3] $5

Winter Games [R4] $8

Wizard of Wor [R3] $5

Word Zapper [R3] $5

Worm War I [R3] $5

Yar's Revenge [R2] $3

Z-Tack [R9] (PAL?) $TBD

Zaxxon [R3] $5


Supercharger (all boxed)

2 Communist Mutants from Space [R4]

3 Fireball [R4]

7 Killer Satellites [R4]






Ace of Aces [R2] $5

Asteroids [R1] $3

Barnyard Blaster [R1] $3

Crack'ed [R2] $5

Crossbow [R3] $7

F-18 Hornet [R4] $12

Fight Night [R3] $7

Hat Trick [R1] $3

Impossible Mission [R4] $12

Jinks [R1] $3

Karataka [R2] $5

One on One Basketball [R1] $3

Super Huey [R3] $7

Super Skateboardin' [R4] $12

Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator [R4] $12

Touchdown Football [R2] $5

Winter Games [R3] $7

Xenophobe [R4] $12

Xevious [R1] $3


Atari 5200

Pictures are here:



Astrochase [R3] $8

Ballblazer [R3] $7

Berzerk [R2]$5

Blue Print [R3] $7

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom [R3] $8

Centipede [R1] $3

Congo Bongo [R3] $7

Countermeasure [R2] $5

Decathlon [R3] $6

Defender [R1] $3

Dig Dug [R1] $3

Frogger [R2] $5

Frogger II: Threedeep! [R6] $18

Galaxian [R1] $3

Gorf [R3] $3

Gremlins [R4] $14

James Bond 007 [R5] $13

Joust [R1] $3

Jungle Hunt [R1] $3

Kaboom! [R3] $8

Kangaroo [R1] $3

Keystone Kapers [R3] $7

Mario Bros [R3] $7

Megamania [R3] $22

Missile Command [R2] $5

Moon Patrol [R2] $5

Ms. Pac-Man [R2] $5

Pac-Man [R1] $3

Pengo [R3] $3

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns [R3] $7

Pitfall! [R2] $5

Pole Position [R1] $2

Popeye [R2] $5

Q*Bert [R2] $5

Qix [R2] $5

Realsports Baseball [R2] $2

Realsports Football [R2] $2

Realsports Soccer [R2] $2

Realsports Tennis [R3] $2

River Raid [R2] $5

Robotron: 2084 [R2] $5

Space Dungeon [R2] $5

Space Invaders [R1] $3

Space Shuttle [R3] $6

Star Raiders [R1] $3

Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator [R3] $7

Star Wars: The Arcade Game [R5] $14

Super Breakout [R1] $3

Vanguard [R2] $5

Wizard of Wor [R3] $7

Zaxxon [R6] $40


Atari 400/800

Pictures are located here:



Ace of Aces Atari [R3] $7

Archon Atari [R3] $7

Astrochase Parker Bros [R4] $18

Atlantis Imagic [R3] $7

Barnyard Blaster Atari [R3] $7

Basketball Atari [R1] $3

Blue Max Atari [R3] $7

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom Sega [R4] $20

Bug Hunt Atari [R2] $5

Caverns of Mars Atari [R2] $5

Centipede Atari [R1] $3

Claim Jumper Synapse [R4] $20

Computer Chess Atari [R2] $5

Computer War Thorn EMI [R4] $11

David's Midnight Magic Atari [R3] $7

Defender Atari [R1] $3

Deluxe Invaders Roklan [R3] $7

Demon Attack Imagic [R3] $7

Desert Falcon Atari [R4] $12

Donkey Kong Atari [R1] $3

E.T. Phone Home! Atari [R1] $3

Eastern Front (1941) Atari [R2] $5

Fantastic Voyage Sirius [R5] $23

Fight Night Atari [R4] $12

Final Legacy Atari [R4] $12

Flight Simulator II Atari [R2] $5

Football Atari [R2] $5

Frogger II: Threeedeep! Parker Bros [R5] $24

Galaxian Atari [R1] $3

Gateway to Apshai Epyx [R4] $20

GATO Atari [R3] $7

Gorf Roklan [R2] $5

Hardball Atari [R3] $7

James Bond 007 Parker Bros [R4] $20

Joust Atari [R2] $5

Jumbo Jet Pilot Thorn EMI [R3] $7

Jumpman Jr. Epyx [R5] $22

Jungle Hunt Atari [R3] $7

K-Razy Antics CBS Games [R5] $21

K-Razy Kritters CBS Games [R5] $21

K-Razy Shoot-Out CBS Games [R4] $21

K-Razy Shoot-Out K-Byte [R5] $24

K-Star Patrol CBS Games [R5] $21

Kaboom! Activision [R2] $5

Kickback Thorn EMI [R4] $11

Missile Command Atari [R1] $3

Moon Patrol Atari [R2] $5

Mountain King CBS Games [R3] $7

Ms. Pac-Man Atari [R2] $5

One-on-One Basketball Atari [R3] $7

Pac-Man Atari [R1] $3

Pitstop Epyx [R3] $7

Plattermania Epyx [R4] $15

Pole Position Atari [R2] $5

Q*Bert Parker Bros [R2] $5

Qix Atari [R1] $3

Rally Speedway Adventure Int'l [R5] $21

RealSports Football Atari [R2] $5

Rescue on Fractalus Atari [R4] $10

Robotron: 2084 Atari [R2] $5

Serpentine Broderbund [R4] $15

Skywriter Atari [R2] $5

Space Invaders Atari [R1] $3

Springer Tigervision [R4] $20

Star Raiders Atari [R1] $3

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle Parker Bros [R4] $16

Starion Romox [R8] $74

Submarine Commander Thorn EMI [R3] $7

Super Breakout Atari [R1] $3

Tennis Atari [R2] $5

Time Bound CBS Games [R4] $12

Wizard of Wor Roklan [R3] $7

Yoomp Homebrew (boxed) [R0] $140




Total Carnage Songbird Productions [R0] CIB $TBD


Jag CD:

Blue Lightning Atari [R3] $10

Vid Grid Atari [R3] $10



Pictures are here:



California Games Atari [R2] $5

Crystal Mines II Atari [R1] $3

Gates of Zendocon Atari [R2] $5

Hydra Atari [R1] $3

Joust Williams [R4]

Kung Food Atari [R1] $3

Robotron: 2084 Williams [R4]

Super Skweek Atari [R1] $3

Xybots Atari [R1] $3


Magnavox Odyssey 2





Alien Invaders - Plus! Magnavox [R1] $3

Alpine Skiing! Magnavox [R2] $5

Armored Encounter!/Sub Chase! Magnavox [R1] $3

Atlantis Imagic [R5] $100

Attack of the Timelord! NAP [R3] $7

Baseball! Magnavox [R2] $5

Blockout!/Breakdown! Magnavox [R1] $3

Bowling! Basketball! Magnavox [R1] $3

Casino Slot Machine! Magnavox [R3] $7

Computer Golf! Magnavox [R2] $5

Computer Intro! Magnavox [R3] $7

Conquest of the World (loose) NAP [R5] $6

Cosmic Conflict! Magnavox [R1] $3

Demon Attack Imagic [R5] $14

Dynasty! Magnavox [R1] $3

Electronic Table Soccer! Magnavox [R3] $7

Football! Magnavox [R1] $3

Freedom Fighters! NAP [R1] $3

Hockey!/Soccer! Magnavox [R1] $3

I've Got Your Number! NAP [R2] $5

Invaders from Hyperspace! Magnavox [R1] $3

K.C. Munchkin! NAP [R1] $3

K.C.'s Krazy Chase! NAP [R3] $7

Keyboard Creations! NAP [R3] $7

Killer Bees! NAP [R4]* (proto) $125

Las Vegas Blackjack! Magnavox [R1] $3

Matchmaker!/Buzzword!/Logix! Magnavox [R2] $5

Math A Magic!/Echo! Magnavox [R2] $5

Monkeyshines! NAP [R2] $5

Nimble Numbers NED! NAP [R2] $5

Out of this World!/Helicopter Rescue! Magnavox [R2] $5

P.T. Barnum's Acrobats! NAP [R3] $7

Pachinko! Magnavox [R3] $7

Pick Axe Pete! NAP [R3] $7

Pocket Billiards! Magnavox [R2] $5

Popeye Parker Bros. [R4] $50

Power Lords! NAP [R8] $90

Quest For the Rings! NAP [R5] $23

S.I.D. the Spellbinder! NAP [R3] $7

Showdown In 2100 A.D.! Magnavox [R1] $3

Smithereens! NAP [R3] $7

Speedway!/Spinout!/Crypto-Logic! Magnavox [R1] $3

Super Cobra Parker Bros [R3] $40

Take the Money and Run! Magnavox [R2] $5

Thunderball! Magnavox [R2] $5

Turtles NAP [R4] $17

Type and Tell! NAP [R3] $7

UFO! Magnavox [R2] $5

Volleyball! Magnavox [R2] $5

War of Nerves! Magnavox [R2] $5



Pictures are located here:



A.E. Broderbund R7 $40

Adventureland Adventure Commodore R2 $1

Aggressor Human Eng Soft R5 $15

Alien (Super Alien) Commodore R1 $1

Alien Blitz UMI R7 $40

Amok! UMI R6 $30

Apple Panic Creative R4 $9

Artillery Duel Xonox R6 $25

Artillery Duel / Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox R6 $25

Astroblitz Creative R4

Attack of the Mutant Camels Human Eng Soft R5

Avenger (Vic Avenger) Commodore R1

Bandits Sirius R5

Black Hole Creative R5

Cannonball Blitz Sierra R6

Capture the Flag Sirius R6

Centipede Atarisoft R2

Cloudburst UMI R6

Clowns Commodore R3

Computer War Thorn EMI R4

Congo Bongo Sega R3

Cosmic Cruncher Commodore R1

Cosmic Jailbreak Commodore R3

Count Adventure, The Commodore R2

Creepy Corridors Sierra R7

Deadly Duck Sirius R5

Deadly Skies Tronix R7

Demon Attack Imagic R2 $10

Donkey Kong Atarisoft R3

Facemaker Human Eng Soft R6

Fast Eddie Sirius R6

Final Orbit / Bumper Bash Sirius R6

Fourth Encounter Thorn EMI R4

Garden Wars Commodore R3

Ghost Manor Xonox R5

Gold Fever Tronix R7

Gorf Commodore R1

Gridrunner Human Eng Soft R3

Home Babysitter Commodore R4

IFR Academy R5

In the Chips Creative R5

Jawbreaker II Sierra R5

Jelly Monsters Commodore R5

Jungle Hunt Atarisoft R3

Jupiter Lander (Super Lander) Commodore R1

K-Razy Antics CBS Games R3

K-Star Patrol CBS Games R3

Lazer Zone Human Eng Soft R7

Lode Runner Broderbund R7

Lunar Leeper Sierra R6

Mastertype Broderbund R6

Menagerie Commodore R3

Meteor Run UMI R6

Mine Madness Thorn EMI R8

Mission Impossible Adventure Commodore R2

Mole Attack Commodore R3

Money Wars Commodore R3

Monster Maze Epyx R5

Motocross Racer / Tomarc the Barbarian Xonox R8

Mountain King Beyond R7

Ms. Pac-Man Atarisoft R3

Mutant Herd Thorn EMI R4

Omega Race Commodore R1

Outworld UMI R7

Pharaoh's Curse Human Eng Soft R7

Pinball (Pinball Spectacular) Commodore R2

Pipes Creative R6

Pirate's Cove Adventure Commodore R2

Polaris Tigervision R6

Pole Position Atarisoft R3

Poker (Draw Poker) Commodore R3

Predator Human Eng Soft R5

Princess and the Frog Romox R7

Protector Human Eng Soft R6

QBert Parker Bros R3

Radar Rat Race Commodore R1

Raid on Fort Knox Commodore R1

Rat Hotel Creative R6

Renaissance UMI R7

River Rescue Thorn EMI R4

Road Race (Midnight Drive) Commodore R1

Robot Panic Human Eng Soft R6

Sargon II Chess Commodore R1

Satellites and Meteorites UMI R7

Scorpion Tronix R7

Sea Wolf Commodore R4

Seafox Broderbund R8

Serpentine Creative R4

Skibbereen UMI R6

Sky is Falling, The Commodore R3

Skyblazer Broderbund R8

Slot (Super Slot) Commodore R1

Snake Byte Sirius R5

Spider City Sirius R6

Spiders of Mars UMI R6

Spike's Peak Xonox R6

Spills n'Fills Creative R5

Springer Tigervision R8

Star Battle Commodore R4

Star Post Commodore R5

Star Trek Sega R4

Story Machine Human Eng Soft R8

Submarine Commander Thorn EMI R4

Super Amok UMI R7

Super Smash Commodore R3

Terra Guard Creative R4

Tomarc the Barbarian Xonox R8

Trashman Creative R4

Turmoil Sirius R5

Type Attack Sirius R7

Typo Romox R10

Video Vermin UMI R6

Videomania Creative R4

Visible Solar System Commodore R3

Voodoo Castle Adventure Commodore R2



Pictures are here:



Juice! Tronix R6 $26

Maze Master Human Eng Soft R4 $10

River Raid Activision R4 $10

Space Shuttle: A Journey Into Space Activision R4 $10

Spy Hunter Sega R5 $24



Pictures here:



B.C. II: Grog's Revenge Coleco 4 $19

B.C.'s Quest for Tires Sierra 3 $14

Burgertime Coleco 3 $5

Centipede Atarisoft 3 $5

Cosmic Avenger Coleco 1 $3

Defender Atarisoft 3 $5

Donkey Kong Coleco 1 $3

Donkey Kong Jr. Coleco 1 $4

Frantic Freddy Spectravision 5 $24

Front Line Coleco 2 $5

Gorf Coleco 2 $5

James Bond 007 Parker Bros 4 $19

Jumpman Jr. Epyx 4 $19

Ken Uston's Blackjack/Poker Coleco 3 $6

Keystone Kapers Activision 3 $14

Looping Coleco 2 $5

Mouse Trap Coleco 2 $5

Pepper II Coleco 1 $3

Pitstop Epyx 3 $9

Popeye Parker Bros 2 $5

QBert Parker Bros 1 $3

Slither Coleco 2 $5

Super Action Baseball Coleco 2 $3

Super Action Football Coleco 2 $3

Time Pilot Coleco 2 $5

Turbo Coleco 2 $5

Venture Coleco 1 $3

War Games Coleco 3 $9

War Room Probe 2000 3 $9

Zaxxon Coleco 1 $3


Famicom (Japanese NES)

Pictures are here:



Championship Lode Runner $5

Choplifter $7

Commando $7

Dr. Mario $8

Dragon Spirit $17

Family Pinball $5

Final Fantasy III (boxed) $25

Formation Z $5

Gargoyles Quest II (boxed) $20

Goonies, The $5

Hatris $5

Insector X $12

Lode Runner $6

Parodius Da! $17

Pinball $5

Popeye $5

Racer Mini Yonku - Japan Cup $5

Route-16 $5

Spelunker $12

Spelunker II $15

Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti $35

Super Pitfall $8

Tetris $14

The Tower of Druaga $10

Urban Champion $5

Yoshi no Tamago $7

Yume Penguin Monogatari $17


Famicom Disk system

Pictures are here:



3D Hot Rally: Famicom Grand Prix II $15

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (Bio Miracle - My Name is Upa) $35

Dracula 2: The Accursed Seal $20

Fantasy Zone II (kiosk disk) $10

Kalin no Tsurugi (Sword of Kalin) $10

Kamen Rider Black - Taiketsu Shadow Moon (Kiosk disk) $20

The Legend of Zelda 2: Link no Bouken $40

Moero Twinbee - Cinnamon Hakase wo Sukue! (Kiosk disk) x2 $5 ea

Topple Zip $15

Vs. Excite Bike $25

Wagyan Land 2 $30

Zelda no Densetsu: The Hyrule Fantasy (The Legend of Zelda) $35



Sega Genesis




Aladdin [R2] $4

Altered Beast [R1] $3

Arcade Classics [R3] $2

Art of Fighting [R2] $2

B.O.B. [R4] $3

Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure [R3] $5

Chuck Rock [R4] $6

Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck [R2] $5

Crue Ball [R2] $5

Decap Attack [R2] $4

Desert Demolition starring Road Runner and Wile E Coyote [R3] $5

Double Dragon [R6] $7

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls [R2] $4

Earnest Evans [R3] $5

Faery Tale Adventure, The [R4] $5

Fantastic Dizzy [R4] $4

Flashback [R2] $5

Forgotten Worlds [R3] $7

Frogger [R4] $4

Genesis 6-Pak [R3] $5

Greendog [R3] $4

Hard Drivin' [R2] $4

Joe Montana II Sports Talk Football [R1] $1

Madden 95 [R1] $1

Monopoly [R3] $3

Ms. Pac-Man [R2] $3

NBA Live 96 [R1] $1

NHL '94 [R1] $1

Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures [R3] $5

Phelios [R4] $15

Radical Rex [R2] $4

Road Rash 2 [R3] $5

Rocket Knight Adventures [R3] $5

Rolling Thunder 3 [R?] $3

Samurai Shodown [R2] $4

Shadow Dancer [R3] $5

Shining in the Darkness [R3] $4

Shove It! The Warehouse Game [R4] $5

Sonic the Hedgehog [R1] $3

Sonic 3 [R2] $4

Sonic 3D Blast [R4] $4

Street Fighter II' [R2] $3

Sub Terrania [R1] $3

Super Smash TV [R3] $5

Super Street Fighter II [R2] $5

Sword of Vermilion [R4] $5

Tony Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure [R3] $5

Triple Play 96 [R1] $1

Turrican [R4] $4

Valis [R2] $4

Vectorman 2 [R2] $4

Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety [R4] $4

Virtua Racing [R2] $4

Warlock [R3] $4

Wheel of Fortune [R4] $1

Wolverine: Adamantium Rage [R3] $4







36 Great Holes starring Fred Couples Sega [R1] $3

BC Racers US Gold [R4]

Brutal: Above the Claw GameTek [R4]

Corpse Killer (CD) [R1] $3

Cosmic Carnage Sega [R1] $3

Mortal Kombat II Acclaim [R2] $5

Motocross Championship Sega [R2] $5

NFL Quarterback Club Acclaim [R2] $5

Night Trap (CD) [R2] $8

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Activision [R5]

RBI Baseball '95 Time Warner [R3] $7

Shadow Squadron Sega [R3] $7

Space Harrier Sega [R2] $5

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Interplay [R4]

Star Wars Arcade Sega [R1] $3

Tempo Sega [R2] $5

Virtua Fighter Sega [R2] $5

Virtua Racing Deluxe Sega [R2] $5

WWF Raw Acclaim [R3] $7

WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game Acclaim [R4]

Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 Sega [R4]


Sega Master System




Action Fighter Sega [R2] $5

After Burner Sega [R2] $5

Alien Syndrome Sega [R3] $7

Aztec Adventure Sega [R2] $5

Black Belt Sega [R1] $3

California Games Sega [R3] $7

Choplifter Sega [R1] $3

Cyborg Hunter Activision [R4] $10

Double Dragon Sega [R1] $3

Enduro Racer Sega [R2] $5

Gain Ground [R4]

Hang On / Safari Hunt Sega [R1] $3

Impossible Mission [R2] $5

Kenseiden Sega [R3] $7

Maze Hunter 3-D Sega [R3] $7

Miracle Warriors Sega [R3] $7

Missile Defense 3-D Sega [R1] $3

Monopoly Sega [R3] $7

Ninja, The Sega [R1] $3

OutRun Sega [R1] $3

Paperboy Sega [R3] $7

Penguin Land Sega [R3] $7

Pro Wrestling Sega [R1] $3

R-Type Sega [R1] $3

R.C. Grand Prix Seismic [R3] $7

Rambo: First Blood Part II Sega [R1] $3

Rampage Activision [R4] $10

Rastan Sega [R3] $7

Reggie Jackson Baseball Sega [R1] $3

Shanghai Sega [R1] $3

Space Harrier Sega [R3] $7

Thunder Blade Sega [R3] $7

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Parker Bros. [R3] $7

World Grand Prix Sega [R3] $7

Ys: The Vanished Omens Sega [R5] $25

Zaxxon 3-D Sega [R1] $3

Zillion II: The Tri-Formation Sega [R2] $5


Neo Geo Pocket

Pictures are here:



Baseball Stars Color SNK [R3]

Bust-a-Move Pocket Taito [R3]

Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (Jpn) Success [R5]

Metal Slug: 1st Mission SNK [R3]

Metal Slug: 2nd Mission SNK [R4]

Neo Turf Masters SNK [R4]

Pac-Man Namco [R2]

Puzzle Bobble Mini (Jpn) Taito [R3]

Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure Sega [R3]


TI 99 4a

Pictures are here:



A-Maze-ing TI [R1] $2

Adventure TI [R1] $2

Alpiner TI [R1] $2

Attack, The TI [R1] $2

Blasto TI [R1] $2

Burgertime TI [R2] $3

Car Wars TI [R1] $2

Centipede Atarisoft [R4] $8

Championship Baseball TI [R4] $7

Congo Bongo TI [R4] $12

Defender Atarisoft [R2] $5

Dig Dug Atarisoft [R3] $9

Dragon Mix TI [R1] $2

Facemaker TI [R3] $5

Football TI [R1] $2

Hangman TI [R1] $2

Hopper TI [R1] $2

Hustle TI [R1] $2

Jawbreaker II TI [R2] $5

Jungle Hunt Atarisoft [R3] $10

MASH TI [R3] $9

Mind Challengers TI [R1] $2

Moon Mine TI [R2] $3

Ms. Pac-Man Atarisoft [R4] $10

Munch Man TI [R1] $2

Othello TI [R2] $3

Pac-Man Atarisoft [R4] $10

Parsec TI [R1] $2

Picnic Paranoia Atarisoft [R3] $8

Pole Position Atarisoft [R3] $7

Princess and the Frog Romox [R5] $30

Pyramid Puzzler Scott-Foresman [R5] $30

QBert Parker Bros [R3] $9

Rabbit Trail Funware [R6] $30

Return to Pirate's Island TI [R3] $9

Shamus Atarisoft [R3] $8

Slymoids TI [R4] $10

Sneggit TI [R4] $10

Space Bandits TI [R4] $10

Space Journey Scott-Foresman [R5] $25

Star Trek TI [R3] $9

Story Machine TI [R3] $6

Super Demon Attack TI [R2] $5

TI Invaders TI [R1] $2

Tombstone City TI [R1] $2

Treasure Island TI [R5] $15

Tunnels of Doom TI [R1] $2

Video Chess TI [R2] $2

Video Games I TI [R2] $3

Yahtzee TI [R3] $3


TRS-80 / CoCo

Pictures are here:



Amazing World of Malcolm Mortar (boxed) [R5] $20

Color Baseball [R3] $7

Dragonfire [R4] $15

GFL Championship Football II [R4] $9

Gomoku/Renju [R5] $20

Mind-Roll [R3] $7

Popcorn [R6] $25

RoboCop [R5] $15

Shanghai [R3] $7

Shooting Gallery [R3] $7

Space Assault [R3] $7

Super Pitfall [R4] $15

Tetris [R5] $16

Edited by djpubba

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Wow, dude, that's a lot of stuff. I don't know why are you selling, but I hope the situation improves for you PRONTO.


If you have some 2600 systems (I'm thinking to start doing the A/V mods again), let me know, I might take them off your hands.



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My Tiny Brain is going to explode. :-o :-o Sorry you have to sell em though. :( I have had to sell a lot of my stuff during rough times. But the good things about Vintage games, They are always around to purchase, Later. HHW

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As expected there's been a lot of response and I'm working on replies.


Chris: Please PM me an offer. I've got a *ton* of pricing to do so I need to give priority to offers which include an offering price.


Shawn: Some of the 7800 games do have boxes but I don't have a list just yet.


Osbo: I do have seven untested Atari 2600's I'd part with very cheaply. Consoles only (no power supplies). I'll send a PM to you when I'm caught up.

Edited by djpubba

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As expected there's been a lot of response and I'm working on replies.


Shawn: Some of the 7800 games do have boxes but I don't have a list just yet.


Osbo: I do have seven untested Atari 2600's I'd part with very cheaply. Consoles only (no power supplies). I'll send a PM to you when I'm caught up.



I'm intrested in at least Famicom FF3 & Tyson's Punchout (and Centipede 7800 if boxed).

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Okay, I've answered about all the PMs I can answer today and now I must get to shipping stuff out that has been paid for or I will miss today's cutoff.


If you haven't heard back from me yet, I'll get back to you tomorrow.

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Can someone tell me how many loose 2600/7800 carts can fit in a small flat rate box? Just wondering how many to buy and I wanna maximize my shipping. :)


Djpubba, sorry to see you needing to sell so much stuff but I do hope you can raise what you need quickly. Best of luck! (By the way, a PM is coming your way shortly!)



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The Brazilian one is an R6 which is how I messed that one up. Edited to R2. Thanks for catching. I don't think there should be many more rarity errors, if any.


K_S, only two 2600 carts would fit safely in a small, IMO. Could stuff three in but not with much hope of arriving unscuffed. I'm going to edit the main post to note that I am willing to ship using more economical methods if you're willing to wait for me to ship all the easy flat rates first.


Got your PMs. Got lots of PMs to answer so, you'll hear from me tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

Edited by djpubba

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PM sent re: Genesis titles.


EDIT: My transaction is now complete - I've ordered the games I wanted/could afford at this juncture. Please, inquire about other Genesis titles with impunity. :thumbsup:

Edited by Kris Snyder

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All PMs answered. If I didn't answer you, you got lost in the stampede. Please ping me again.


I've added a *bunch* of prices on the stuff I'm getting the most inquiries about. I've tried to set the prices a little below current market value but pricing all of these accurately is a huge job, so I may be off on some. If you *know* something is not worth what I'm asking, please do not be afraid to correct these. I want to move these all out asap so I'm going to accept below market value on most everything, especially for multiple item offers. I will give nice discounts on large orders.


Many thanks to those who have already ordered. You're helping me out big time!

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