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CIB Commodore 64 setup FS

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Hello, I currently have a Commodore 64 system including the following for sale:


1) Commodore 64 breadbox CIB. Includes breadbox, power supply, composite cable, RF cable and switchbox, manuals and documentation, box and all packing material. One caveat, the S/N on the system and the box do not match. Computer is in good condition and is fully functional.


2) 1541 Disk Drive CIB. Includes drive, 2 serial cables, power cord, and system disks. The outer sleeve and styros are well worn but intact. There is yellowing to the back of the disk drive as well as some scuffs and general wear. There is also styrofoam residue along the length of the power cord that I'm not going to bother cleaning off as I've dealt with the same issue with the styrofoam out of Colecovision boxes and it is a pain in the ass to get off. I'd throw in a replacement IEC power cord, but I don't have one.


3) C2N Datasette CIB. I don't have the ability to test this so it is as-is. It has some scuffs and general wear.


4) XE1541 Cable. Use this cable to hook up your 1541 to a PC to transfer files via Star Command or to hook your C64 to your PC to use it with C64 HDD. I'll include the software that came with it on 3.5" floppy.


Pictures of everything are as follows:













My price on all of this is $50 and is firm for now. This is my personal setup and has been in climate-controlled storage since 2005 or so. Expect shipping to be costly. Thanks for looking.

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I just did some digging around and managed to find some miscellaneous blank disks with who knows on them, another XE1541 cable, a Fast Load cartridge with no label, and a chroma/luma video cable for a 1702 monitor. Consider these included in the deal.

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