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Ridding of my collection

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Prices are shipped..minimal order of $10





Resident Evil $25

Sonic Jam $38

Fighters Megamix $7

Street Fighter The Movie $7

Street Fighter Alpha 2 $12

Street Fighter Alpha $12

Night Warriors $20

X-Men: Children of the Atom $16

College Slam $7

NBA Jam TE $7

Sega Nights into Dreams w controller and bigbox $45

Dark Savior $10

Virtua Fighter Kids $8

Thunder Strike $7

Battle Arena Remix $5

Daytona USA $5

WWF In Your House $5

Strikers 96 $5



Baroque $10

Shining Force III Scenario 2 $30

Assualt Suit Leynos 2 $30



Sega CD


Sega CD Model 1


Flink $20

Tomcat Alley $5

Star Wars Rebel Assualt $7

Star Wars Chest $10


Snes Mini Console with one controller and power adapter






Liberty or Death

Super Rtype


Super Ghouls n Ghost

Earth Defense

Street Fighter II Turbo



Desert Strike


Super Strike Eagle

Family Feud

Hunt for Red October

Super Battleship






Joe N Mac

Hit the Ice (Kinda like Blades of Steel)

Stanley Cup

NHL 95

Mortal Kombat II

Road Riot 4WD

Super Battle Tank

Super Black Bass

NBA Live 96

NHL Hockey 93

Road Runner

Super Aquatic Games (Box Only)

Super Double Dragon (Box Only)


Would take $200 shipped OBO for the SNES Bundle.


Sega Sports Dreamcast

It is in awesome condition and comes with the matching controller and abunch of vmus. Will also throw in some games to help it sell.


Grandia II

Space Channel 5

Sports Jam (Doesn't work)

Evolution (doesn't work)

NBA SHowtime (doesn't work)

Grinch (doesn't work)

Buzzlightyear (doesn't work)

Sports Jam (works sometimes)


the 6 games i got from ebay so they are pretty scratched up and these are free. Looking for $55 shipped


Also have these for sale by themselves, my last 2 imports


Last Blade 2 $30

Garou Mark of the Wolves $30


or $50 for both





Bloody Wolf

Keith Courage

Power Golf


Pac Land

Alien Crush

King Casino (HU card only)


$60 shipped. All are in there cases except King Casino. No big boxes.

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