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Tank Command reproduction?

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I recently won this auction:



Does anyone know what this is? Is it some kind of reproduction?




Its definately a repro, the print looks really poor quality. Not sure who did it though.


Yeah, the insert looks a bit strange. I can't read german very well, and didn't really understand the Google Translate translation either, but is there a floppy disk with a "disk image" included? (lying under the cart in the auction picture) If so, what could be the reason for that?

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Play it on an emulator or to make your own illegal pirate copies I guess :ahoy:


Hehe. Not only do I get a pirate Tank Command cart, but also a floppy disk with a ROM image of the same game to play on my computer. Wow, 2 in 1, what a great deal!

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Well for $1 I think you have a nice play while you wait bootleg at least. I considered paying $25 for a bootleg while I was trying to find a copy of Tank Command a while back.



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