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- If you can select the parallel port mode (for "real" parallel ports on motherboards, it's in the BIOS setup ; I don't know how it's handled for PCI parallel port cards), choose Bidirectionnal if available, or EPP mode otherwise.


- In Device manager, select your parallel port, choose "Never use an interrupt" and disable Plug-and-play detection.


- If you're using Windows XP, download and run the patch at the bottom of this page, and reboot your computer (it may also work on other Windows versions -- I'm not sure):



- Make sure you're using the latest version of the uploader program:



- Close programs you don't use before sending the game.


- Try removing the -8 option from the command line. It will be slower, but it may be more reliable.


- Try adding the -n option on the command line. You'll have to press A on the controller before sending the game if you're also using the -8 option, or C otherwise.


- If all else fails, add the -w x option. x is a number; start with 1, and go upwards until things improve.

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Thank you, Zerosquare. I will do these things and let you know if it works.


I have an on-board parallel port to use, but I'm curious: why do USB->Parallel adapters not work?

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