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Free sprites for the taking

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50 minutes ago, RevEng said:

I haven't used it, so I don't know how low-res the drawings can get, but that sounds exactly like the Paint of Persia graphics editor.


Thanks. I'll download it later tonight and see if it works for Atari sprites. If somebody does it before me, please let us know how you like it.

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23 hours ago, aitsch said:

i've used a similar method to the spinning kick.

i googled the sprite set of ik+ and tried to transfer the moves to the character.


for the walk i've tried your tip. i've never noticed that the speed in yt-videos is reducable or increaseable.


the observation shows:

when the fighter walks the torso is completely static.

only the feets are moving. the tricky part is that the backwards leg is crossing the other leg.


and this is my result of my try of your youtube method.




this is my best outcome. but it looks that the fighter goes backward.


what do you think?




The 3rd frame was the issue. He was moving his back leg further forward, and as a result his leg appears to extend backwards noticeably giving the appearance that he is also moving backwards:






4X: 1513332727_Walk4X.png.0a6b7c72f7b41ed8e68b71017cee2293.png  1X: Walk.png.63d9f468ba377568b8b21c6b2bf5a082.png


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PMR, thanks a lot for your help. your sprites motivate me to start this new project.


i've played around furthermore with your yt technic an studied the sprite sets.


so i designed the


footSweep.gif.223b12f7cff07213c479466f344a5ea8.gif foot sweep


i don't know if it is good enough for the game.


i had the idea to this mini ik+ when i was a teenager, now i am 47. 

the fact that i never started with it always failed due to the limited graphics.

this pixel arts are more than good enough!


now i think it is time to write some asm code and see how it looks.

i certainly have a long way to go before i can show something.


if you are interested i can pm you when i have something presentable.


thanks again 👏



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You're very welcome! :) That foot sweep looks awesome! It actually looks like he's getting down and sweeping the leg... I did it for the Karate Kid memes. :D I'd love a PM when you make some programming progress on this. Never too late to be a kid again... 👍


Stay Strong 💪,

illya... out.

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Hey gang! Here are some RPG type characters and monsters done in 8x16 with basic animations, long-range attack sprite/Drop. The only Drop sprite I have is the Egg, but I imagine that if it's not destroyed, shortly after the Egg is dropped it hatches into another Giant Goose... that's a problem. :D :





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