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PS1/PS2/GC/Saturn and more

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Taking offers on all this. Would love to sell it as one lot at $200 shipped




Thousand Arms

Genso Suikoden II (in a double case/back insert missing)

Star Ocean

Final Fantasy VII International

Psone boot disc


They are in japanese and require knowledge to understand. You will need a modded system or a japanese system in order to play them.





Shining Force III Scenario 2


These are also japanese and require a modded system or an import console



Soul Nomad and the world Eaters Factory sealed

Growlanser Heritage of War Complete

Ps2 system with power cable (Fat version)



Factory Sealed Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess




Garou Mark of the Wolves

Last Blade 2


These are imports and require a japanese system or a modded system.




CIB Yggdra Union



Keith Courage


Alien Crush

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