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TI99 Infocom Games

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Funnily, during the last weeks with Corona restrictions, I've been playing Zork 1 and currently Zork 2 with a friend of mine via Zoom meeting and screen sharing. 🙂

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This looks like a good thread to mention the fairly recent release of Infocom sourcecode, for all you adventurers with a PDP-10 and into MUDL.... we don't have the Infocom Z compiler but the MUDL code is fun to read anyway- you can see and appreciate the original humour.  Read the ZIL files , and the text files etc.  ZIP files are compiled code.

First of course:
has the original 1977 code.

Encrypted files act2z.27 and dungz.56 are present as are the decrypted versions.

[A large insect blocks the exit.  A voice is heard "That isn't a bug it is a feature..."]
And then moving on to the true Z machine codings for homecomputers, at:

there is the code for Zork 1,  Deadline, Hitch Hikers Guide, Planetfall, Starcross and suspended.

The ZIL files are the ones to read.  The ZIP files are NOT archived, they are the output of the lost compiler and were produced with the ZIL files as input.

The file dungeon.zil seems to be the main file to read for most.  You may also find manuals, introductions, invisiclue contents...  plenty to explore!

There is said to be a community compiler ZILF which more or less works.

enjoy.     s

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