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Conrad Hart

My first garage sale!

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10/10 UPDATE


Cleaned up the list, put some stuff back up after people backed out.



Well, I'm finally going through my epic stack of unsorted as I try and clean up my game rooms so I will be using this thread to get rid of as much of it as I can without having to deal with ebay.


I will take paypal as payment and shipping will be exact amount. US Only for now (nothing rare enough to be worth international yet)


I will be adding items(hopefully) daily and rarity will be all over the map (although I don't expect that I have doubles of any real super rare stuff. This day 1 stuff is my test run.


For feedback I have purchased many times here, but never actually sold. I am Blakedog on ebay with a spotless record.




NES Games

a. Super Mario Bros. 2 CIB. No foam insert. Overall good condition. $10

b. The Legend of Zelda CIB. With Map. Top left side flap missing. Everything in good shape. Map shows show wear. $12

c. Blades of Steel CIB. All in good shape. $5

d. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Loose. $5


Sega Genesis Games In Box

a. AfterBurner 2 CIB. Great Shape. $6

b. NHL ’96 CIB. Perfect Shape. $2

c. Out of this World CIB. Overall Good shape. Manual has a little crinkling. $6

d. World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck CIB. Manual Worn. Cart and Box in great shape. $5

e. Skitchin. CIB Excellent shape. $6


Genesis Scratch and Dent. 8 Boxed Games for $15/set.

a. Space Harrier 2 CIB. UPC Cut out of back of box. Otherwise good shape.

b. Bonanza Bros. No Manual. Cart label very worn.

c. BioHazard Battle. Box insert has frayed edges. Cart label has blockbuster sticker and tear. No Manual.

d. Mega Turrican. No Manual. Tear on label.

e. Zero Tolerance – Box slightly faded. No Manual.

f. Technocop CIB. Cartridge has a large tear. Manual Worn. Box in good shape.

g. Mortal Kombat 2. No manual. Box and cart in great shape.

h. Spiderman. No manual. Box and cart in great shape.

i. Desert Strike. No Manual, Cart label peeling.


Super Nintendo Console tested working with power, A/V and 1 controller. Also includes Super Mario World Cartridge. This is one ugly console. The cartridge slot cover is gone and there is a lot of yellowing. That said, it works and plays SNES games great. $20.


Super Nintendo loose carts

a. Super Nintendo Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. Great shape, has Game Dude stickers on it (not on label) $8

b. Castlevania IV – awesome shape. $12

c. Super Metroid – awesome shape $12


Sega Saturn ST Key in Box. $15 Cartridge that enables you to play import Saturn games.


Sega Saturn Nights into Dreams in CD Case Not For Resale $6


PlayStation Console SCPH-9001 units. Includes A/V cables and 2 Sony controllers. $6. Three Available. [/b]

PlayStation Games CIB

c. PlayStation Ballistic CIB in excellent shape $5


Sega Master System Base console tested working. Loose. Scratched, but solid shape. $10


N64 Deck w/Power tested working. I might be able to dig up AV for this if you need it. $10


Castlevania Symphony of the Night for PlayStation Sealed. Perfect Shape. Greatest Hits version. $60


Document of Metal Gear Solid Vol. 1 Sealed Perfect shape


PS2 Import Final Fantasy X CIB. $5


PS2 Import Biohazard Code Veronica CIB with DMC Demo $5


PS2 Import Virtua Fighter 4 CIB $5


PS2 import Blood: The Last Vampire CIB $5



SMS loose Carts $2 each – 3 for $5

a. Shooting gallery (x2)

b. Double Dragon


Capcom Power Stick Fighter Joystick for SNES/Super Famicom CIB Import Capcom Fighting stick works with SNES/SFC or if you are lucky enough, a CPS Changer. $20

12. SMS Aerial Assault Loose . Cart in perfect shape. $5

Atari 2600 California Games- No manual Box is worn/crushed $5


15. SMS Carts CIB $5

c. Penguin Land


Super Famicom Gradius 3 Cart and box (no insert or manual.) $5






Edited by Conrad Hart

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Here is the list of games in my atari 2600 lot. I tried to jot notes next to each one that I thought would help. I would like to sell this as one big lot. I don't really know what to ask for it, so please make offers. I am interested in unloading these, but please be fair. I will take offers on this for the next day or so, and then go.


I'm guessing about $20 shipping in the US.


Title Note

adventure picture label

air-se battle text label


Armor Ambush

asteroids picture

Atlantis night scene


basketball text

basketball text

berzerk picture

berzerk picture

berzerk picture

blackjack text

bowling text



casino picture

championship soccer text

chopper comman





Cosmic Ark

dark caverm



demon attack

demon attack

demons to Diamonds torn

dig dug






fishing derby


frogs and flies


grand prix

haunted house

home run

human cannonball ink

ice hockey




laser blast ink

maz craze picture


missile command picture

missile command

moon patrol


ms. Pac-man

night driver screwholes exposed

outlaw text







pete rose baseball



pole position

raiders of the lost ark


realsports volleyball



space attack

space attack

Space attack

space invaders text

space invaders picture

space invaders

space invaders text

space invaders picture


star raiders

Star Ship text

star voyager ink

star Wars: TESB pencil

Star Wars; Death Star Battle No Label

starmaster screwholes exposed


Super breakout tear

superman picture


swordquest earthworld

Target Fun telegames

tron deadly discs

tron deadly discs



video pinball tear

Warlords picture

Warlords picture

Warlords picture

Yar's Revenge

Yar's revenge

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