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My Atari 2600 Loaner Cart Has A Dot -- Automatically a Final Version?

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The other day I found a 2600 Berzerk Loaner Cartridge in a thrift store with a bunch of other cartridges. It has a gold dot on the label, and no hand written or typed date on the white label. I'm guessing it is a final version. Tempest's Atari Protos site says that the dots represented different areas where some cartridges were used in (focus group testing, internal development, home testing, etc.)


I have a few questions --


1. If a cartridge has a dot does it mean that it is a final version?


2. Has anyone ever deciphered what area the different color dots represented?


3. How many different color dots have been discovered?


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Is there any differences when you play this?


No differences. The screens look the same and it plays like a regular Berzerk cartridge.


wasn't white=ntsc and yellow=pal ?

but i'm not sure.


It is NTSC.

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