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Jibbajaba's CHEAP Cleanout Sale (thrift store prices)

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I have a huge pile of crap that is taking up almost half of the floor space in my room. I am trying to price this stuff very cheaply. Buy lots and you will get a good discount. This isn't about money, it's about getting this crap out of here. Whatever doesn't sell is going to the used game store to be traded in this weekend.


The only catch is that I will only ship in flat rate boxes, unless you buy so much stuff that it won't fit in even the largest one. Flat rate boxes ship for ~$5 (small), ~$10 (medium), and ~$15 (large). No media mail, no parcel post, etc. unless you buy so much stuff that it has to go in a big box. In that case it will go FedEx ground.


The following are all loose Atari 2600 Games


50 cent games

Activision Decathalon

Pac Man

Donkey Kong



$1 games

Cosmic Ark




Plaque Attack


Missile Command

Super Breakout

Spider Fighter






Individually priced

Off the Wall $4



The following are all loose Genesis Games


25 Cent games

RBI Baseball 3

Evander "Real Deal" Holyfield's Boxing

NHL All-Star Hockey '95

RBI Baseball 4

Mario Lemieux Hockey

Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars

Pebble Beach Golf Links

World Series Baseball

Joe Montana II Sports Talk Baseball

Wimbledon Championship Tennis

FIFA Soccer '95

Madden NFL '94

NHL '96

Rugby World Cup '95

John Madden Football 92

Bill Walsh College Football

Lakers Vs. Celtics and the NBA Playoffs

NBA Live 95

Madden 95


50 Cent Games

The Lion King

Taz in Escape From Mars

Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game

Super Battleship

Cyborg Justice



The following are all boxed or CIB Genesis games


50 cent Games

World Series Baseball 95

Tommy Lasorda Baseball

RBI Baseball 94

College Football USA 96

Prime Time Starring Deion Sanders


$1 Games

NBA Jam!

Shaq Fu

F-15 Strike Eagle II

Caesar's Palace


$2 Games

Jurassic Park

Mortal Kombat


Sega Saturn Games


50 cent games - all cases have issues

PGA Tour 97 CIB (2 available

Maximum Force (rough case no manual)

Madden 98 CIB

Andretti Racing CIB

World Series Baseball II (case no manual)


Other random stuff


Other Sega stuff

Batman (Genesis - Loose) $3

Doom (32X - loose) 50 cents


Other Atari stuff

"Organizer" Atari 2600 8-cart holder (3 available) $4


Nintendo stuff

SNES game dust covers - 50 cents each (I have lots)

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice (NDS - CIB) $4



Original PSX Controller $3 (2 available)

Dreamcast controller (1st party) $3

TurboGrafx-16 controller missing all pins $1


Modern-ish stuff

NHL 2k7 (Xbox 360 - CIB) $1

Final Fantasy VIII (PSX - CIB) $5

Virtua Tennis (DC - CIB all-stars edition) 50 cents

Sonic Rivals (PSP - CIB) $3

Frank Thomas' Big Hurt Baseball (PSX longbox) 25 cents


Expensive stuff

Namco NegCon controller (PSX) $20



Spider-Man 2 UMD (PSP pack-in) 50 cents

Nintendo Vs. Duck Hunt romset (missing PPU) $1

Call of Duty: Finest Hour promo action figure NIB $3

Edited by Jibbajaba

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I've received about 15 PMs so far, and I am working through them the best that I can. IF you don't hear back from me, it isn't that I am ignoring you. I just have to know what's still available to you based on your stop in the queue.


Thanks for your patience.



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Still some good stuff here...




So are you not accepting my offer?


Sorry. Just sent you a PM.



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You should see if stoneagegamer wants your genny carts for everdrives.


My stuff is here as well, thanks Jib. You are a good guy, sorry for any troubles I've been in past.



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Glad that everyone is happy with their stuff (so far, at least.)


At this point, EVERYTHING in this thread has been sold, so the sale is over. Thanks again for all the great sales!



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