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Pig : A Jeopardy Dice Game

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I've been working on an Atari 2600 version of the Jeopardy dice game Pig. It's a simple game with the goal being the first player to reach 100 points. Pig is a game of luck and some strategy. I've included the full and short rules from Wikipedia at the bottom of this post.


This version is one player vs the computer with five different levels of computer opponent available. Level 1 is plays very conservatively to it's own detriment while Level 5 plays quite strongly within a couple of percent of optimal Pig strategy.


Hopefully the UI is self explanatory but if there are any issues please let me know.


I'd welcome any feedback on the game, particularly on the chosen color schemes and whether the dice rolling sound effect is annoying.


Known Issues

No PAL Version

ROM space is wasted in several areas particularly the title screen.

Sound Effects and Music are quite sparse.



I've attached the source as well.


Each turn, a player repeatedly rolls a die until either a 1 is rolled or the player holds and scores the sum of the rolls (i.e. the turn total). At any time during a player's turn, the player is faced with two options:

  • roll - If the player rolls a
    1: the player scores nothing and it becomes the next player's turn.
    2 - 6: the number is added to the player's turn total and the player's turn continues.
  • hold - The turn total is added to the player's score and it becomes the next player's turn.

The first player to score 100 or more points wins.









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With the topic title I was expecting a high res title screen of Alex Trebek eating a slab of bacon.

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Updated version with these changes...


I've changed the way dice rolls are determined to give a better distribution

Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes use more than 262 scan lines.


If anyone could try this on an actual NTSC 2600 I'd really appreciate it.



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Checked it out on real hardware.Works fine.... :)

Thanks Walter! That's very good news.



That is very cool. Now how about a 2600 version of "Pass the Pigs"?

I considered doing Pass the Pigs but stuck with this version to avoid cloning a copyrighted game. And also I don't think I could draw the Pigs in the small number playfield pixels available :)

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