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The Wizard and the Princess

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ok, thanks for the info. i found this:


Wizard and the Princess was first distributed by Sierra On-Line Systems in clear-plastic bags, including an instruction sheet and the game on a 5.25 inch floppy disk. The instruction manual originally mistitled the game as "The Wizard and the Princess". The original production run sold over 60,000 copies. The inspiration for the storyline came from a variety of classic fairy tales which Roberta Williams had frequently read when she was a child. The major upgrade from Mystery House is the inclusion of colour graphics. The limitations of the Apple II system meant that it was only possible to display six different colours on the screen at one time. However, the innovative use of optical dithering (interspacing two pixel colours closely together to give the illusion of a third colour) made it appear as though there were more on screen at once.


so if my manual has "The" in front of the title, then it would be the first run production?


The budget re-release isn't worth much.


If it's the standard Sierra On-Line or Sierraventure packaging, it's a pretty nice find.



Atari Frog


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