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Article about the unreleased Pink Panther games

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I'm sure most of you know about the Pink Panther prototypes for the 2600 and Atari 8-bit computers, and the games announced for Odyssey2 and ColecoVision. Unfortunately I don't have any ROM images for you, but I have put together all the information I could find about the games into this article on my Odyssey2 web site.


If you've already read about the prototypes here or on other sites, this article probably won't reveal anything you don't already know. Essentially I've just tried to collect all the information I have about the game's history in one place. However, there are some pictures included that you may not have seen before. Thanks to 2600 Connection and AtariProtos for some of the pics.


Everything in the article is accurate as far I know. If you have any corrections or new info, please drop me a line.

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