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Intellivision Ebay Roundup

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The "Intellivision News" magazine shown in this auction is not part of the "Intellivision Game Club News" set.... is it?  Or did the UK have their own versions?

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2 hours ago, cmart604 said:

Loving these extremely rare Intellivision Inc overlays 



The black and white ones look like maybe they are peel-off???🙄

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On 6/27/2019 at 7:31 PM, Lathe26 said:

Spiker box and cart up for bid, starting at $849




Relisted but at higher price now.  I contacted the seller to confirm that the manual is missing and not just an oversight in the photos (no oversight, seller has an accurate listing).




Talking about photocopies, a Spiker manual photocopied onto some tough but aged paper would be a close reproduction manual.

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