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Spreading the Love with Free Games and More... Edicion Cinco

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I decided to join the fun and give away an extra copy of Pitfall! for the Atari 2600 that I have laying around. :)





The label is pretty discolored, but it is fully intact with no rips or tears and the game plays perfectly fine. Just pay shipping and it's yours! Shoot me a PM including your zipcode for shipping cost calculation if you're interested.

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Just pay shipping, must take everything. It will fit in a $12.65 flat rate box, or may be cheaper depending on where you live. Send your zip and i'll get you an estimate.


PLEASE READ: The Nintendo RF Units have the RCA end cut off, and one of the wires is short and frayed. Nothing here has been tested, other than the Gameboy slim light/magnifier which works fine.... The controllers don't have Dongels, and I'm includned 2 PS2 dongles that are missing controllers. The Sega GENESIS is a top shell only, no console, would be good for an art project. The 4 Playstation 2 games are MISSING THE GAMES - NO discs. They are original PS2 cases with inserts and instruction manuals. Any takers?

That was a nice give away! :)

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Found this stuff when cleaning out a desk drawer, free to a good home.


**Gamecube Memory Card 251; I don't even know if it works....I think that it has some saved games on it, last time I looked a long time ago.


**Mad Catz GBA Car Charger; Again, haven't used it in years. Worked last time I tried it.


**Mattel Hotwheel; Atari Breakout Truck. Very Good shape. No scratches or anything.


Take all three at once, or if interested in one item, let me know....


Just pay the shipping.



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just pay shipping


Guitar Hero Xplorer Wired Controller w/ Box & Breakaway Cable Xbox 360



ps2 wireless guitar


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FREE just pay shipping


Interact v3 Racing Wheel in original box for Playstation 1. UNTESTED. GONE



The box is dirty and missing the handle, slightly damaged. The wheel needs to be cleaned as well but it looks undamaged. I've had this for about a year sitting in my garage and I never got around to testing it. Oh well, hopefully someone wants it. The shipping will be a bit hefty but to cut down on costs I will ship it in the original box only - no outer box unless you want it - the wheel will be wrapped up good inside the box and I will cover the box with bubble wrap and brown shipping paper. I'm flexible, just trying to cut down on costs. PM me if interested. Thanks!


shipping from California 96109 - 9 lbs

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FREE just pay shipping


Commodore lot of misc stuff, all or nothing, no parting out please. GONE




Includes: two disk holders (one has a name scratched into the top), Commodore 64 cover (smells like smoke and a section is ripped off on the lower left corner for some reason), Total Telecommunications modem/manual/disk (disk works), Garry Kitchen's Game Maker + game disk (the game maker disk works but I was never able to load the Pitfall game included on the game disk), Vicmodem + manual, MInuteman 3 power supply (untested, this is for a Commodore calculator), Polica Cadet game disk (works), Vic-1541 Test/Demo disk (works). This is about all I have left to get rid of from my Commodore haul a few months ago. I do have some monitors left but I will deal with those later. PM me if interested. Thanks!


shipping from California 96109 - 6 lbs


okay another lot of C64 stuff - I forgot about these items

None of the game disks in this lot work for one reason or another. I can send this media mail so this lot of disks & boxes are FREE with FREE SHIPPING! GONE



PM me if interested!

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Free for the cost of shipping, $4 to anywhere in the USA, you must take it all, first PM is the winner.


In case you can't see, there is 1 button spring in the baggie, and one of the rings is cracked, but will probably still snap in okay. PCB's are tested working fine.

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Pm sent for a game I have been dieing to play on my genesis, thanks!


Edit: have you tried using a game genie to unlock wily tower? I am down to use the game genie as pseudopassword system to pickup where I left off

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2x bootleg copies of megaman wily wars. Brand new chinese rip off copies. These don't have the ability to save as the priates didn't

invest in adding eeprom or sram w. battery save on the pcbs they used to make them so you can only play megaman 1, 2 & 3 which is what

it's for but you miss out on being able to unlock Wily's Tower the 4th game. Well that is unless you wanna sit and beat all 3 megaman games

in one sitting to play WT and then loose it as soon as you shut the console off :lol: One per user, you pp gift me the $4 shipping to USA or Canada.


Shoot me a PM to claim as I don't read this thread often.

pm sent for one.

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Pay for postage


GE 4 port AV switch


I bought this thing last year for the "I have to have it NOWWWWW" price of 20 bucks + tax at walmart for my retro computer / game system desk, meanwhile over the past year I have converted as much as I can over to component video, which makes this composite / svideo only box unused (I found a 4 port component, composite svideo and audio switch at goodwill recently)


so its yours for the price of postage, it is practically new and has support for 4 composite / svideo + LR audio, 3 on the back one on the front




pm sent

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More Free Steam Codes -Take as many or as few as you want. Just send me a PM.



Beware Planet Earth!

Star Trek

Alpha Prime

Arma Tactics

Fish Fillets 2

Original War

UFO: Afterlight


The Falling Sun


Veteran Combat

Teddy Floppy Ear - Kayaking

Teddy Floppy Ear - Mountain Adventure

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

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Got a bunch more stuff, just pay shipping:


  • A lot of store pamphlets, mostly Nintendo (must take all)
  • 3 random magazines (must take all 3)
  • Vigilante 8 (N64) - Note this is the PAL version! Don't know if game works, don't have means to play it. Comes with poor condition box and good condition manual.
  • Cruis'n Exotica (N64) instruction manual - Very good to excellent condition
  • CH Products Virtual Pilot flight yolk and Kraft Thunderstick - Both use old PC game port. Both were working when I last used them many years ago. They are both a bit dusty/dirty but should clean up. I seem to have lost the throttle handle for the flight yolk when taking it out of storage recently (broke off a few years ago), if I find it again I'll let you know. MUST TAKE BOTH!





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