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Spreading the Love with Free Games and More... Edicion Cinco

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Well I am cleaning out the garage and I found a few boxes with odds and ends or stuff I couldn't sell so here are my free games (some are untested):


1. Dark Forces - PC/DOSpost-30739-0-21022700-1442277291_thumb.jpg GONE

2. Star Wars Screen Entertainment - PC/DOSpost-30739-0-21068500-1442277380_thumb.jpg GONE

3. PS1 Star Wars Jedi Power Battlespost-30739-0-85960100-1442277418_thumb.jpg GONE

4. Killing Cloud - PC/DOS 5.25 diskspost-30739-0-64568900-1442277470_thumb.jpg GONE

5. Harvest Moon - Gamecube (box/manual only - no disc)post-30739-0-61564400-1442277522_thumb.jpg GONE

6. Final Fantasy Tactics the War of the Lions - PSPpost-30739-0-90555400-1442277579_thumb.jpg GONE

7. Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End - PSPpost-30739-0-04909200-1442277628_thumb.jpg GONE

8. Commodore 64 International Soccerpost-30739-0-17692700-1442277667_thumb.jpg GONE

9. Night Stalker - INTVpost-30739-0-21928700-1442277697_thumb.jpg GONE

10. M1 Abrams Battle Tank - Sega Genesispost-30739-0-43431300-1442277739_thumb.jpg GONE

11. Sega Dreamcast lot - Web Browser, NBA 2k1, NFL 2k1, Virtua Tennispost-30739-0-72607400-1442277792_thumb.jpg GONE

12. The Legend of Spyro A New Beginning - Nintendo DS (box/manual only, no game)post-30739-0-31632400-1442277846_thumb.jpg

13. Animal Crossing Wild World - Nintendo DS (box/manual only, no game)post-30739-0-58694200-1442277915_thumb.jpg GONE

14. Famicom 72 in 1post-30739-0-06627100-1442277948_thumb.jpg GONE

15. PS1 memory card lotpost-30739-0-35734300-1442278004_thumb.jpg GONE

16. Wii Mario Party 8 - I am unable to get this to work - cleaned and fixed but still won't workpost-30739-0-85777500-1442278048_thumb.jpg GONE

17. Sega Dreamcast memory unitspost-30739-0-96756100-1442278131_thumb.jpg GONE

18. Pac-Man 2 - Sega Genesispost-30739-0-82850300-1442278166_thumb.jpg GONE

19. Sonic 2 - Sega Genesispost-30739-0-77434400-1442278192_thumb.jpg GONE

20. Atari 2600 lot of 5 gamespost-30739-0-39731300-1442278224_thumb.jpg GONE

21. Atari 7800 lot of 3 gamespost-30739-0-76071500-1442278248_thumb.jpg GONE

22. Sonic - PS3post-30739-0-63681700-1442278286_thumb.jpg GONE

23. Lot of PS2 games (no manuals, some need cleaning/fixing)post-30739-0-98912900-1442278330_thumb.jpg GONE


Take as much or as little as you would like, just pay shipping. I will have some hardware/controllers odds and ends for free asap as well. Let me know if you want to wait for the hardware parts before i send you a shipping total.


BTW - first come first serve, I am shipping from 96109 California.


PM me if interested.Thanks for taking this stuff off my hands!



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Thanks for the quick responses for the games, it will be nice to clear out this stuff from my garage. Here are the hardware pieces for free just pay shipping (most pieces are untested):


SNES power supply, NES RF cable, NES RF cable, SNES/Gamecube A/V cable (3rd party) - post-30739-0-90981900-1442281026_thumb.jpg


Dreamcast controller, Dreamcast controller - post-30739-0-46310700-1442281067_thumb.jpg


Sega RF cable MK-1632, Sega power supply 3025-1 - post-30739-0-91959400-1442281162_thumb.jpg


PS1 Multiplayer Adapter, OSMART DVD control PS2 (I don't think this works), PS1 controller, PS1 RF cable, PS2 RF cable - post-30739-0-32690900-1442281315_thumb.jpg


Wii A/V cable, Wii Nunchuk, Wii power brick - post-30739-0-89539300-1442281355_thumb.jpg


C64 A/V cable (8 pin), C64 A/V cable (8 pin), C64 A/V cable (8 pin) - post-30739-0-06181700-1442281411_thumb.jpg


Sega Genesis 3 button controller (for parts), Sega Genesis 3 button controller (for parts), RetroGen Genesis 6 button controller (like new) - post-30739-0-99710400-1442281473_thumb.jpg


Gamecube power brick, Gamecube power brick, Gamecube/SNES A/V cable, Gamecube controller (broken) - post-30739-0-40068500-1442281548_thumb.jpg


Xbox 360/Wii/PS2 or 3 A/V cable (3 in 1) - post-30739-0-25134100-1442281588_thumb.jpg


Thanks, again first come first serve, PM me if interested.



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I still have the following steam codes available. PM if interested.


Arma Tactics

Fish Fillets 2

Original War

Veteran Combat

Teddy Floppy Ear - Kayaking

Teddy Floppy Ear - Mountain Adventure

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okay everyone who paid for your shipping (8 out of 10) your items will be mailed tomorrow (tracking numbers should have come to you in an email from paypal or usps). If'n I get the other two shipping payments before tomorrow morning I can send those out too but I will be gone for a few days or so (grandma's funeral) so I won't be able to send out the other two packages until next Friday. Anyway, I hope the untested items all work but thanks to everyone for taking these items off my hands! Blessings ...

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FREE to good home just pay shipping:


Playstation 1 Interact V3 Racing Wheel UNOPENED. I got this at a yard sale last year for $1. I do not have any remaining PS1 consoles so it is just taking up space in my garage. The top flap opens but the second flap on top is still glued down. The bottom is still glued together as well. The box is pretty scraped up but at least it still has the handle. You can see the plastic still covering the wheel inside the box. Anyway, yours for free just pay shipping (which will cost a few $$ since the item is large). I can ship it in another box or in its own box wrapped in bubble wrap and brown shipping paper, your choice. PM me if interested!





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The wheel is still available, just so you know ahead of time it weighs almost 9 lbs (shipped in its own box) and will be shipped from 96109. Sorry it is so expensive to ship :thumbsdown:



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