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Interesting stuff i have found in my search with more to come

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This is a start to a possible faq or just an organization of all this scattered information.

Maybe some of you guys can help me organize and verify some of this. Some of this is random and may not make the final cut.



Was there a rom for this? I never downloaded it but would like to. Looks like the site is offline now



Some Intellivoices won't fit in a Intellivision II



A couple of topics about making overlays




And a cool site with pics of every overlay and screen shots



Intellivision controller to USB adapter project



Intellivision RetroKit



Jaguar Adapter for 5200, INTV, and CV



Stickler Joystick Addons



Cool site showing all the different rom variations



A cool history of Intellivision that i haven't read yet.



What are they talking about here?



Rev shouting the Knowledge :cool:



Smurf Prototype Picture?




I still have 8 more pages to go. I don't want this to be the official final post. But it's a start. I'm sure we could add all the FAQ's that are already out there as well.

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Possible Alternatives to the Intellivision II Power Supply


The standard Atari 8bit power supply works for me. The ones that are used with a 400,800, 1200xl, 1050, xf551 should work. The tip is the same size too.


This is from the faq

9 V AC 15.3 VA (1.7 A) Atari#CO14319



9 V AC 18 VA (2.0 A) Atari#CA014748/CA016804



9 V AC 31 VA (3.4 A) Atari#CO17945



9 V AC 50 VA (5.6 A) Atari#CA017964



An Atari 5200 power supply works as well.


Some people say a Jaguar Power Supply will work, while someone else said the tip is not the same size. Also read that possibly a TG-16 Supply may work.


You can purchase a Cuttle Cart 3 here


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Another addition to making overlays


Actually, you can make your own. Just download some scans from one of the many sites (Intellivision Funhouse for example), reverse them, print (or have them printed) on thick transparencies, and the spray pain the back white. YOu reverse them so that you see the ink from the far side, so it will not wear off with use.


Works great. You can do Vectrex overlays the same way.



Possible Alternatives to the ECS Power Supply


The NES power supply does work with it. Just tested it.



You can also use an Odyssey2 power cord or one from a rechargeable drill.


I'm glad somebody brought this up, because I haven't seen this information documented anywhere else.


Here is a picture of my ECS power supply and connector:




I'm getting 10VAC output on the barrel (tip negative), but since it's AC output, the polarity shouldn't matter.


The connector is a standard coaxial power connector; I believe the dimensions are 5.0mm x 2.0mm (5mm outer diameter, 2mm inner diameter). The inner diameter is a guess on my part: I compared it to the connector for the Atari 800 power supply (CO17945), which uses a 5.0mm x 2.1mm connector, and while the ECS connector is the same outer diameter, the inner diameter is a bit smaller. The ECS connector won't fit into the 800, but the CO17945 connector will fit into an ECS, although it's a little loose. I've heard that some people have successfully used the CO17945 as a power supply for the ECS, in fact, although I've never tried this myself.


I used a 9VAC power supply from and ADAM 5.25" disk drive a few times before I found and ECS power supply on ebay.



Intellivision TutorVision by World Book (This thing is so cool looking it needs to be added)




Let's not forget about the Painted? Astrosmash label (very cool)


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This is the end of the stuff i found here. Went through all 11 pages. I'm sure there is tons of stuff from other sites that could be added. Or maybe stuff i missed or stuff i didn't find useful that you do.



A topic about restoring carts and boxes




Some info about how to disassemble a cartridge (with no screws)




These interesting disc addons barely got talked about. But it makes you wonder if anything could be stuck to a disc.




Yurkie's cord straightening service




Alpha Omega project - part 3 - Intellivision




The Intellivision controller matrix - Guide! ...and make your own controller...


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interesting stuff. now you have to start a thread like this for 2600. :D

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