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Atari 2600 ROM part numbers

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I looked for a list of these and couldn't find one anywhere so I started my own. My incentive for wanting this list was that I have a VCS POP and the games for it are unmarked. This would also aid anyone who came across caseless-games or label-less carts and needed to ID the game without having a way to power up the game to see what it was. Plus, I've found that sometimes powering up a game is not always enough to identify exactly which game it is (Casino or Blackjack, Human Cannonball or Cannon Man?).


Without further adieu, here's what I've found so far.


co11201 Combat

co11202 Air Sea Battle

co11203 Star Ship

co11205 Outlaw

co11206 Slot Racers

co11207 Canyon Bomber

co11211 Race

co11212 Street Racer

co11218 3D Tic Tac Toe

co11221 Video Olympics

co11222 Breakout

co11223 Baseball

co11224 Basketball

co11225 Football

co11227 Human Cannonball

co11228 Bowling

co11229 Sky Diver

co11233 Night Driver

co11234 Golf

co11239 Othello

co11261 Basic Math

co12008 Super Breakout

co12009 Defender

co12010 Warlords

co12013 Adventure

co12015 Demons to Diamonds

co12016 Soccer

co12017 Backgammon

co12030 Circus Atari

co12031 Superman

co12032 Space Invaders

co12035 Maze Craze

co12036 Video Checkers

co12038 Missile Command

co12041 Superman

co12045 Video Chess

co12046 Pac-Man

co12047 Submarine Commander

co12048 Video Pinball

co12050 Berserk

co12052 Casino

co12054 Haunted House

co12055 Yar's Revenge

co12058 Math Gran Prix

co12062 Hangman

co12937 Dodge 'Em

co16440 Realsports Baseball

co16449 Asteroids


3rd party:


cn45160 Venture

cn55210 DKjr

cn55237 Tapper

cn55238 Tapper

cn55241 Spy Hunter

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Ah there is some good crossover, thanks! I bet the first three digits on the ROM part number have some special meaning while the last two digits are tied to the title.

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Long time between posts...


I'm just going to bump this, as there doesn't seem to be any other alternative, but is there a list of part numbers for the ROM chips themselves? The above link is long gone these days, and on archive.org (July 2003 link) it seemed to only be a list of the part numbers you'd find on the labels anyway like CX2601 for Combat. Yes, I know it's a pain to have to desolder the RF shielding just to read them, but here's four random carts to start with (all are in well used/poor condition with the labels already damaged so no value lost opening them). Surprisingly, not even MAME has any info when it comes to documenting the chips.


Midnight Magic (PAL version, red label, CX129)


C011885 REV G

KALEXCK368 1088


ATARI ©1978


The 0 in C011885 is slashed on this particular PCB, so it's most likely meant to be a zero and not the letter O.

The 0 in 1088 looks like a back-to-front C.


(the 0 is slashed so it's most likely a zero and not the letter O)


ROM chip:


©ATARI 1986

RP2C12 1008

38 8B4 A0


Midnight Magic also has 129 stamped in red on the RF shield (obviously the game ID since it matches the label).


Plaque Attack (Activision, AX-027)



AG-910-02D REV D


ROM chip:

33511 8334DPP


©1978 AMD

©1983 ACTVSN


Plaque Attack didn't actually have any RF shielding. Not sure if it's a PAL release (I'm in Australia) or a US import - PAL versions of Activision games usually have the ID as EAX-xxx (E for Europe). The cartridge is dead so I can't test it (I accidentally let out the magic smoke 15 or so years ago when I was testing a faulty 2600, had the cartridge opened for cleaning, put the bare board into the console and forgot that the chip side is supposed to face the back of the console!)


Combat (PAL, picture label, CX2601)






ROM chip:



8217 CEA

© 1978ATARI


Asteroids (PAL, picture label, CX2649)


C011885 REV F
ATARI © 1978


ROM chip:


RF shield also has 449 printed on it twice as well as E-B stamped into the metal.



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You'll find many of the part numbers you're seeking in the Atari EIS item master list, found here. You won't find anything for later releases like Midnight Magic since the document is dated January of 1984, but the master list is a good starting point, anyway.

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Spider Fighter (Activision, AX-021)





AG-910-02D REV D

ROM chip:


AMI 8302ZD


©1983 ACTVSN



I just came across your post while looking up information on the Spider Fighter chip.  No RF shield on the cartridge similar to your Plaque Attack cartridge.  My Spider Fighter cartridge is also dead, so I popped it open to see, so at least it has some use for the chip information.


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