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Are you using the bblint from the first post in this thread? The player#-# statements were added a while back.


If you are using the latest, please PM me the source and I can take a look.


If it's holding you up, you can always just delete bblint from the vbb directory. vbb only uses it when it finds it.

Hi RevEng, thanks for the reply!


I am using the link from the first post. I basically removed the old bblint and moved the new executable over there, then restarted Visual and get the same errors on the multiple player color call.


For now, I just renamed it (to bypass it) and using it that way.

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Heads up that I've updated bblint to fix the issue with player#-#colors causing a mismatched end count.

I have finally had a chance to re-add this to Visual Basic, and voila... all works great! Thanks!

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bblint doesn't seem to be available from the original download location, presumably since bB got moved to Github. Maybe it should be rolled into the bB distribution in the next release?

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