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Bitmap image conversions

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Bugfix update posted today -- the F18A palette and scanline palette files were saving the palette in the wrong order, meaning viewers wouldn't load them correctly. This has probably been the case for quite a while.


I don't think anyone was using those modes except me, so if you have any saved off, I recommend reconverting. If you have a lot of them or can't reconvert, contact me. I wrote a little tool to fix up my own collection. It's hacky but it works, assuming you have the files on a PC.


Convert9918 v 166

•improvement to quality of ordered dither 1 - far less color shift

•more minor speedups

•fix order of palette output for F18A - to fix old files, remove index 2 and insert at index 14



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Posted version 168 of Convert9918 today -- lots of tweaks over the last couple of years, but the big changes are all the ordered dithering modes (which are being tested against the world over in the Dragon's Lair thread ;) ). Also an important fix to deal with Windows screen scaling... now that I have a higher resolution monitor, it started to matter. The GUI should draw much more correctly regardless of a monitor's scale setting.


I dunno what happened to 167, maybe I didn't announce it ;)



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