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Video Game Den - Famicom, PC Engine, Super Famicom reviews & manuals

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Hi everyone,


I am a retro game freak and I've been working on a video game site for many years now, where I review Famicom, Super Famicom and PC Engine games (so far). I also include manual scans and tons of other goodies and information. Don't hesitate to join the Facebook group to stay connected with the site's weekly updates, and also leave comments and thoughts.


The latest additions/updates are:


Deep Blue - PC Engine

Gradius III - Super Famicom

Gradius II - Famicom

Crisis Force - Famicom


Thanks :)

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Those are great. Do you ever scan US manuals too?


Thanks :) - I've scanned a few from my collection, but I've never put them online. Nintendo Age has a fairly large collection of NES and SNES manuals already, so I thought there was not much point for me to add them to my site... wait, are you talking about TG-16 manuals ?...


New review and manual:


Star Luster - Famicom

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Yes TG-16. I have just over half of the US manuals scanned and I would love to get the rest. I can send you a list of what I have in a PM .


I have a complete set of NES manuals. SNES is still missing about 2/3's of the manuals IIRC. N64 is almost done (only 8 missing...).



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