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New batch of games for sale

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Will consider any reasonable $$$ offers. No trades. All games complete (box, manual, game) and in great shape.


$3 shipping per game except the Neo-Geo games, which are $10 to ship. I'll reduce shipping for multiple game purchases. 2 Neo games will fit in one Priority Mail medium box so shipping will still be $10.




$10 each. Dragon's Lair II $25.


Mega Maze

Merlin's Apprentice



Dragon's Lair II

Rise of the Robots

Palm Springs Open Golf

Rise of the Robots

Mutant Rampage

Power Hitter

Escape from Cyber City



Sony PSP Go

AV Cable $5


Neo-Geo AES


$30 each except KOF 94 $90, Karnov's Revenge $60, Samurai Spirits 3 $60


Baseball Stars Professional

Magician Lord

Super Baseball 2020

King of Fighters 94

King of Fighters 97 (no manual)

Samurai Shodown 3 (JP)

Karnov's Revenge

Samurai Shodown (JP)

Samurai Shodown 2 (JP no manual)

Magican Lord (JP no manual)


Atari Jaguar


All games $15 each except Checkered Flag and Troy Aikman $10 each. Sealed Kasumi with headband is $20. Controller $15. Game System $50.


Flip Out

Kasumi Ninja (sealed with headband)

Super Burnout

Brutal Sports Football


White Men Can't Jump

Jaguar Team Tap

Iron Solider

Checkered Flag

Troy Aikman Football

Atari Jaguar Control Pad (boxed)

Atari Jaguar System, 1 controller, AC Adapter, AV Cable



Classic Controller Pro (black) $10




$8 each except Home Run King and Backyard Football $5 each


Beach Spikers

Virtua Quest

Backyard Football (McNabb Cover)

Puyo Pop Fever

Sonic Adventure DX

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Sega Soccer Slam

Home Run King

Billy Hatcher


Playstation 2


$7 each except Romance $15


Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX

Rumble Roses

Simpsons Hit and Run


Family Guy




$5 each


Square Pegs Complete Series

Challenge of the Superfriends (first season 1978)

Superfriends (volume 2 1979)

Ed Wood Collection (5 films in collectors box)

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Got a $100 offer for the Neo-Geo games KOF94, KOF97, Samurai 3, and Super Baseball 2020 "shipped". Face palm!



oh man, I posted a bunch of shit on craigslist recently and got a ton of low ballers, a 3rd the asking price and me drive an hour to get there. Why even waste my damn time.

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Why not just post a price in the general area you're looking for?

I'm interested in some of the CDi stuff, but I'm not going to fish for a price.

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Reasonable offers... cd-i stuff $10 to $20 each... Neo-Geo games... again reasonable... lower end games $25-$35, mid-games $50-$75, upper crust $80 - $120... PS2/Gamecube Stuff $5-$15, Jaguar Stuff $10-$20... DVDs $3 - $6 each...


The keyword is reasonable! :)

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