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$75 Summer ColecoVision Repair/Refurb and A/V mod special

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I am offering a special all summer long on my popular complete ColecoVision system repair/refurbish and A/V mod services.


I have done over 100 of these for $89 + return shipping, now thru Labor Day only $75 + return shipping. Systems may be sent UPS, Fedex, USPS Priority or USPS Parcel Post. Systems will be returned either via USPS Priority or Parcel Post unless special arrangements are made.


Here is what you get.


ColecoVision console:


Power switch removed from the PCB, dissembled and rebuilt. (one of the most common problems)

cartridge slot cleaned with DeoxIT.

faulty solder points reflowed.

any minor repairs needed, up to and including replacing 1 DRAM or 1 controller IC for free

installing my single jack A/V composite mod ( special A/V cord included )

dust cleaned off the pcb and the inside of the housing ( I don't clean the outside of ColecoVision consoles)


Additional replacement DRAM or controller IC's $10 (if needed)


In the event that major repair is needed I will notify you, prior to doing any work. VDP, CPU and RF board replacement are examples of major repair and are offered for a fee if replacements parts are available.


ColecoVision Controllers:


Controllers completely dissembled

housing and cords cleaned

fire buttons dissembled and refurbished

joystick contacts reconditioned

(I do not replace controller PCBs, plastic housings or joysticks that are broken, these parts may be offered for a fee)


optional but included:

ball knobs and/or straightening of the coily controller cords.


Free inspection of your ColecoVision power supply if you wish to include it in the shipment.


Optionally you can add the following:


$15 Intro skip BIOS

$35 pause button


or both together for $40 (save an additional $10)


Visit my profile and clip the "about me" tab for links to threads with pictures of these services and a youtube video.


Thank You and Happy Gaming.

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Since posting this 8 days ago, I have not got a single request. April and May were extremely slow, thus the reason behind this offer.


I am canceling this offer on Friday June 10th. All pricing will revert to those listed on this thread.



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