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EOTB- It is finally time!

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Hey, eric, do you think you could tell me a little bit about the game? I'm having trouble finding some information about it. Also, did you finish the game or is it a reproduction cart?





Please read the threads... everything you need to know lies within the threads.

Also... look at the Review Thread towards the top of the Lynx Forums. There is a nice, healthy review there of the Beta Release.


Note... this game was released for other systems. Read about the SNES version and you will have a pretty fair understanding about what this game is. I can tell you it is an RPG, pretty much the best RPG for the Lynx. I did not program anything to finish this project. It is a reproduction of a Prototype. All of the information regarding it is available within these forums if you type in 'EOTB' in the Search bar.

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ALL...and when I say ALL... I mean ALL Paid EOTB orders have been shipped.

Please place a sentry guard by your mailbox and await for a brown, paper wrapped box from Michigan.


(I have 6 available... but I will be offering it to those on the list first.... maybe tomorrow... please don't PM me today about it.)



Game is here, wellcome to Spain, as soon as I get home I'll prove it xD

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Awesome news! Enjoy your games guys! PM me if you have any issues, as I'm going to slowly start bowing out of the EOTB thread for a little while so I can concentrate on work stuff.



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