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Atari S-video Mod

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So I ran into a slight inconvenience with my s-video/AV mod for the Atari 2600...now I gotta buy my own connectors and wire for the circuit board since the longhorn engineer doesn't sell them anymore :-( SO I got the AV female plugs and the wire....so apparently radio shack doesn't have the s-video female connector (socket).


Does anyone know where I can buy 1 s-video female connector (socket)?


Thanks for your help!!!


Attached is the pic of the S-video socket I need.



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Thanks Yellow_Lantern!!!

Kudos to you!


I been ripping my hair out all day today trying to find that damn part, lol :-)

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hi there,

is there any way to get an asssembled s-video mod board (for my pal 2600) in an online-shop?


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