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  1. 1. Which characters do you think should be added?

    • Captain Falcon from F-Zero
    • Pitfall Harry from pitfall
    • The hero from "Adventure"
    • Kain from FF4
    • Master Chief from Halo
    • Zero from Megaman X
    • Tails from Sonic
    • Samus from Metroid
    • The hero from H.E.R.O
  2. 2. Which stages do you think should be added?

    • Green Hill Zone From sonic
    • Flame mammoth's stage from Megaman X
    • Scrap-Brain zone from Sonic
    • Zeromus battle from FF4
    • Torian from Metroid

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I will most likely have a cast of anywhere from 20-40 characters, all with move-sets as unique as the Atari's limitations will allow.


I *will* have the following Characters:


- The hero from H.E.R.O

- Pitfall Harry((And Maybe his monkey))

- Mario

- Kirby

- Link

- Pacman

- At least one of the Pacman ghosts

- Chuck Norris



Any other characters are debatable.

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