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Near-Complete Atari 7800 Collection For Sale!

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Hi everyone.


I've had this 7800 collection for years... I don't really want it. I've posted it for sale numerous times both here and other places over the past couple years, and have only gotten a few people interested. It's literally been sitting in an upstairs hallway at my folks' house, collecting dust. I seriously considered just taking the whole thing, setting up a video camera, dousing it in lighter fluid and watching it go up in smoke. As fun as that would be, I kind of worried about the toxic fumes from melting plastic & silicon plus my girlfriend told me I should probably try to get SOMETHING for it. So here I am, about to move into an apartment in a couple weeks. I've been getting rid of crap left and right but this 7800 collection is going nowhere. I need it gone. I spent probably around $800 getting everything. The only game that's missing is Tank Command, because there was no way in hell I was spending over $50 for a mediocre 7800 game.


I'm willing to let this lot go for (relatively) dirt cheap. I'm asking $300 FIRM. Firm meaning "I'm not [email protected]#$ing haggling." Firm meaning, if no one bites, I'm shoving it in my parents' attic and pretending it doesn't exist for 20 years. I also will NOT break this lot up. I want it all gone.


The only thing I'd be interested in trading for is a non-video-gaming item: a Celestion Alnico Blue 12" guitar amp speaker in like new or brand new condition.


I can accept PayPal for payment. Shipping will be in the $30-$50 range. I'm in southern New Jersey, so I highly suggest that anyone who makes me an offer in the northeast actually drive here and do a local pickup instead. In this case I would also accept cash for payment.


Any questions, feel free to PM or e-mail me.






Atari 7800 Console, Serial #72R4BR A1 87 5391318, in good working order

Console includes original box in fair condition (no inserts, box serial number does not match console), (2x) 7800 Proline Controllers, (1x) Original AC adapter, (1x) Original RF switchbox, (1x) RCA cable, (2x) owner's manuals, (1x) warranty card, (1x) Pole Position II cart, (1x) Pole Position II manual, (1x) Atari Advantage poster.


Atari XE Light Gun, gun only, works fine


Atari Trak-Ball controller, CIB, box in good condition, controller works fine






All loose cartridges are tested & working.

Label condition is consistent with age. Labels with excellent/poor labels are noted as such.

Games with manuals are also noted.


Cartridge only games:



Fatal Run

Basketbrawl (w/ manual)

Ikari Warriors

Planet Smashers


Robotron: 2084

Donkey Kong

Desert Falcon

Pole Position II (silver label)

Summer Games

Realsports Baseball

Mario Bros. (label has small tear in corner)

Centipede (label torn in two places)

Impossible Mission

Fight Night



One-on-one Basketball (label torn in corner)

Ms. Pac-Man

Hat Trick

Winter Games (label beginning to warp slightly)

Ballblazer (red end label)

Karateka (label in good shape, w/ manual)



Food Fight

Dig Dug

Touchdown Football

Super Huey

Kung-Fu Master

Super Skateboardin'

F-18 Hornet

Titlematch Pro Wrestling

Tomcat F-14 Fighter Simulator (w/ manual)

Pete Rose Baseball

Rampage (mottled label)

Double Dragon




CIB games


All cartridges are in excellent shape unless noted otherwise.

Boxes all have minor creases unless noted otherwise.

Manuals are in good shape unless noted otherwise.


Water Ski (box has sun discoloration on one side. Cellophane still partially attached)

Midnight Mutants (cartridge label peeling slightly)

Mean 18 Ultimate Golf (box still has cellophane & hangtag)

Dark Chambers (box still has cellophane & hangtag)

Ace Of Aces (box still has cellophane & hangtag, cartridge in excellent shape)

Meltdown (box still has cellophane & hangtag, cartridge in excellent shape)

Ninja Golf


Donkey Kong Junior

Barnyard Blaster (box still has cellophane & hangtag)

Galaga (box still has cellophane & hangtag, cartridge in excellent shape)

Alien Brigade (box still has cellophane & hangtag)

Sentinel (PAL, sealed)

Jinks (sealed)

Asteroids (box badly warped)

Tower Toppler (box still has cellophane & hangtag, cartridge in excellent shape)

Mat Mania Challenge (box still has cellophane & hangtag)

Scrapyard Dog

Commando (box heavily creased)

Xenophobe (box still has cellophane & hangtag, cartridge in excellent shape)

Super Skateboardin' (PAL HES, in excellent shape)

KLAX (ResQSoft reproduction, in great shape with all original docs)











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