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3 hours ago, rdefabri said:

Here’s mine - sorry for bad pics.  I am the original owner of this unit, purchased for me and my siblings by our parents in 1977.  I am in possession of a lot of original pieces / documentation, etc.  Some of you may have seen my FB posts.  I am still trying to locate my trove of games of which I’m fairly certain (not 100%) I have at least one rare game.  Could be wrong but need to locate to be sure.  I’m also the original owner of an Atari 400 computer I purchased new around 1979 or 1980.

Oh, you should clean her up and make her presentable 😃

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Sears Big Sexy

Serial #:68193U

Made in Sunnyvale

Currently owned by DoctorSpuds, Madsion, WI.

No Channel Slot but has a Channel Switch

Works but I would rather not use due to bad luck with Light Sixers.


Found in parts in local game store basement. Boards likely aren’t original, a bit of a Frankenstein’s Monster. If wondering, these were the only loose Sixer boards in the basement the rest were housed in broken machines. CX-10 Controllers and Power Supply are originals. The Sears Paddles and console box were acquired later.


“Sears Reconditioned” But that probably doesn’t matter all that much due to the –probably- unoriginal boards.


Have some low quality pictures:


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Serial # 79356

Mfg Location: Sunnyvale

Owner: ultrasteve, Ware, Hertfordshire, UK

A/B Channel Slot: Yes

A/B Channel Switch: No

Functional: Yes

Parts fixed: TIA replaced

Refurbished: No




Red screen PCB reverse on motherboard


Shielding sticker #: 99 13900001


Switchboard: C012173 Rev 1 ©77


Motherboard: C012283 Rev 1 ©1978







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