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Desfeek's FS Thread

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NEW STUFF ADDED 2/27/2012:

As always, I am very open to offers, trades, speculation, the like :)


Atari 2600:


Lot of 4 loose carts: Dig Dug, Atlantis (night), Space Invaders (text), Pitfall II


Asking $8 + shipping


Commodore 64:


Lot of 6 (good) Edutainment/Utility Programs all Complete:


Dungeons of the Algebra Dragons


Magic Spells

Paperclip (has adapter/passkey)

Kids on Keys (cartridge game)



Asking $12 + shipping




Lot of 4 loose carts: Popeye, Subroc, Smurf, Slither


Asking $8 + shipping




Lemmings, has manual, disk and box (big X written on front), but no outer sleeve


Asking $8 + shipping




Nice Unreal Lot:

Unreal has disc, manual, case

Unreal Gold has disc, case

Unreal II has discs, case, manual

Unreal Tournament 2003 loose discs

Unreal Tournament 2004 has discs, manual, case


Asking $18 + shipping


Nice Prince of Persia Lot:

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time has discs, case

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones has discs, manual, case, sleeve

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within has discs, manual, case


Asking $10 + shipping


Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity, both have discs, manual, case


Asking $8 + shipping


Pools of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor has discs, manual, case


Asking $8 + shipping


Again, I am totally open to offers, trades, and speculation, check out my wants thread:


Link to 'wanted' thread: http://www.atariage....-vectrex-stuff/

Edited by Desfeek

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If I didnt have most...or all this stuff.


Id be ALL over it. Good luck you got great prices...:thumbsup:

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great stuff man. I'd jump, but got a big NES lot I need my pennies for. But I love lookin.

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