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Definitely don't see those often...

Yeah, this is the full meal deal one. Orange sticker on the front confirms that this is the last ones out the door - not sure where he gets pink one unless he's going off the Adam print on the front of the box. Looks sunfaded is all... Box is rough but without it, how do you prove its the real deal. Last one sold on Ebay that I saw over a year ago for $995 BIN and lasted 12 minutes.

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This is my extra copy of Pac-Man collection. I really didn't consider selling it until I saw one go for $610 on the 'bay. For that kind of coin I figure it is time to offer one up.


I have mine for $499 BIN free shipping.




If anyone here on AtariAge wants to buy it PM me and it is yours for $425 shipped. Ebay is getting $50 if it sells on there so I will pass the savings on to a collecter here.

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I wanna send my CV to the guy that did yours.


When Matt gets the F18A back in stock I'll install them for $75 + return shipping to you.


If you want to install it I'll try to help via the forum.

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Wow! There certainly are a lot of "rare" games in this $750 lot! :)




6.BC quest for tire
7.bump n jump ( with box and booklet)
8.omega race ( with box and booklet)
9.river raid
11.frogger. ( with box)
13.time pilot
16.Lady bug
18.turbo ( booklet)
19.mouse trap. ( booklet)
20.donkey kong
21.donkey kong jr. (booklet)
22.buck Rogers
25.cosmic avenger
26.front line
28.space fury
33.space panic
34.q bert
36.mr do
37.squishem sam

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Do the math and compare to Mumbai's sale thread in the Marketplace and you will see that the seller's asking price is ridiculous for those that are informed or take the time to diligently research the value of this stuff.


Unless your post was "tongue in cheek", then never mind.

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its a really good price since a good colecovision sale arround 100$ and the f18a 78$+shipping


if i wanted a f18a colecovision ill buy this unit for sure cause...we know who did the mod and its professionaly done

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It was. My bad for being too subtle. And you're right! It is crazy!


Another F18A system has popped up, too!





that one is mine :) buy it here for $200. On eBay I have to charge more.


My cost was:

$83.95 F18a

$26 Replacement top sticker, I got two stickers for $26 but will not use the second one :(

$15 in parts for F18a install

$56 for Colecovision power supply - Canada type

$40 CBS Colecovision console - bought it a couple of years ago.


$220.95, so I'm actually selling for less than the bought the parts to make it.

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