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** SOLD ** FS: Odyssey 2 Games

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Odyssey 2 Games! Has there ever been such an incredible sale! OK.. So I bought these in the late 1980's using the internet (specifically the alt.sale newsgroup or something similar) so this constitutes my first ever purchase on the internet.. Since purchasing them I have played them one time and then put them back into the bin and forgot I even had Odyssey 2 stuff until cleaning out the closet and opening the bin.


This is 29 games. The bad news is someone with very little forethought but lots of good intentions taped the corners of most of these boxes back in the 1980's... Also someone decided that a few of the other games really needed stronger sides and did some extra taping to make it even stronger.. So when reading the lit remember that the default is Cart, docs, and box with taped corners. There are three without docs that are noted and exceptions to the default are also noted.



War of Nerves!

Pocket Billards! *1

Speedway! Spin-out! Crypto-Logic!

Computer Intro! *2

ThunderBall! *2


P.T. Barnum's Acrobats! *3


Pachinko! *1

K.C. Munchkin!

Pick Axe Pete!

Invaders from Hyperspace!

Bowling! BasketBall!

Attack of the Timelord!


KC's Krazy chase! *2

computer Golf!

Hockey! Soccer!

Alien Invaders - Plus!

Showdown in 2100 A.D.


Las Vegas Blackjack!

Cosmic Conflict!

MonkeyShines! *3

Out of this world! Helecopter Rescue!

Freedom Fighters!

Killer Bees!*1

Quest for the Rings


*1 Massive Side Taping because just doing the corners wasn't bad enough.

*2 Docs Missing

*3 Massive taping and the box is crappy


The "Quest for the rings" is in good shape but the corners of the box are separated on the bottom box and on two of the top box corners. The contents (games pieces, map, etc) do not appear to have been used...


I am selling the entire lot - $65.00 plus shipping which is a little over $2.00 a game. The weight will be 13-14 pounds... My zip-code is 83646 if you want to look up shipping.



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Same as above if you split it up I would be more than happy to purchase from you! I have 70% of what is listed...would like to buy the 30% I don't tho ;)

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i'd be all over this, if I didn't have a huge purchase coming up. who knows, maybe in a few days.

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Moved to eBay.. thanks.

Price adjusted to accommodate the extra cost, I'd have sprung for this if it included a boxed O2. :(

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