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FS ATARI 5200 in Box with 9 Games in Box

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The 5200 Is Sold and Shipped

But Hey, the other stuff is still down there :)


About a month ago, I bought a 5200 from a friend. Some details about the console can be seen here



Now that I have a controller working and I have had some time to play/test some of it‘s games, I have decided I do not like it. It has been a neat experience learning about the controllers and seeing the system in action, but it’s not for me. My aunt had one when I was young. I really wanted to play some Super Breakout and relive being 5 again but it was the only one that did not work.


So now onto the devils work. What do you get with it? Console in box with cords, 1 working controller, 9 games in Box, and a few extras. And now for my M.C, Hammer impression while I BREAK IT DOWN….well, maybe not.


Atari 5200 Console In box with the box’s inserts, manual, and Atari Club paper

Power Cord with it‘s original box,

TV box in it‘s original box

Original OHMs converter

One Working 5200 controller

Two not working 5200 controllers




Countermeasure (CIB) box show ware at the top

Super Breakout - Game will only give a green screen. Box, Manual, Overlays, warranty card included.

Defender - Game, Box, Manual, Overlays, 5200 ’catalog booklet’ included

Star Raiders - Game, Box, ’catalog booklet’ included

Football - Game, Box, Manual, Overlays, 5200 ’catalog booklet’ , Warranty Card, Both playbooks (play books show a lot of use)

Centipede - Game, Box, Manual, Overlays, 5200 ’catalog booklet’ , Warranty Card

Jungle Hunt - Game, box, manual, warranty card

Space Invaders - Game, Box, Manual, Overlay (missing one?), 2x 5200 ’catalog booklet’ , Warranty Card

Pac-Man - Game, Box, Manual, Overlays, 5200 ’catalog booklet’ , Warranty Card

Space Dungeon - (CIB) Game, nice crisp FAT Box, Manual, 5200 ’catalog booklet’ , Warranty Card, Controller holder with it’s manual. The stickers have never been used/removed from the bottom of the controller holder.

Vanguard - Box and Manual only. Manual shows heavy usage.



Small Print

The console’s box shows some of it’s age but is still sturdy and clean for the most part. A few spots in the corners ect. Some of the game boxes show ware. Most can be seen in the pics. Look at the tops of the boxes. That is where most, if any, damage to the boxes occurs. I’d like to point out again that Super Breakout does not work and Vanguard is missing the cart. With the 2 bad controllers, one works but I cannot get start or reset to work. Most likely just needs a flex. The other was the same and I reviled a rats nest of solder when I opened it up. This one will need both a flex and a cord IMHO. I left the flex out of this one (but still have it) since it had been damaged badly from some hack job trying to repair it before. See the thread above for the nasty pic. I also added foil contacts to the back of ALL the buttons and keypads on all three controllers.


I am asking an even $100 plus postage for all of it. That’s $5 a game, $30 for the console, $30 for Space Dungeon (whish is more than reasonable). Think it’s too high? Throw me an offer but I am not splitting it up. This would make a great kick start to someone wanting a BOX 5200 collection some day. I will let the buy choose the shipping. Want it to go over seas? No Problem! But the shipping could get crazy. I just shipped a c64c to Germany and it was $75 just to ship it!





Buyer pays shipping





$5 Turtle Graphics II (box, cart, manual)

$5 Visible Solar System (box, cart, manual)

$5 Star Post (box, manual, cart) box has a “Someone removed the tape to fast” tare on the back

$5 Lemans (cart, box, manual)

$2 Easycalc cart (loose)

$2 Visible Solar System cart (loose)

$2 Speed/Bingo Math cart (loose)

$5 Master Type cart (loose)



$4 Top Gun (box, disk, manual, 2x Thunder Mountain “inbox“ ads)

$5 Flight Simulator II (box, manual, disk)

$10 Skyfox (sleeve/box, disk, manual, warranty card)

$5 Robots of Dawn (crushed box, disk, “Confidential” envelope with 10 other cards/print outs)

$5 Timeworks Data Manager (box, disk, manual)

$3 2 on One disk with Wing Commander and Sky Jet (box, disk, instructions)

$3 2 on One disk with Monterraqueous and One Man and his Droid (box, disk, instructions)

$5 Flip’n’File 5 ¼ case. Tan in color Holds 10+ disk. Including 10 various disk for reusing (have 2 sets)

$1 Flip’n’File 5 ¼ case. Same as above but w/o the disk. 1 clear. 1 red.


TAPES (The Avalon Hill Tapes will work on the Atari 400/800 and TRS-80 as well)

$10 Nuke war [Avalon Hill] (box, tape, tape tray, instructions, Microcomputer Games catalog)

$10 Midway campaign [Avalon Hill] (box, tape, tape tray, instructions, registration card)

$10 B-1 Nuclear Bomber [Avalon Hill](box, tape, tape tray, instructions, Microcomputer Games catalog, registration card, map)

$10 Computer Football Strategy [Avalon Hill] (box, tape, tape tray, instructions, Microcomputer Games catalog, registration card, play card)

$20 Commodore 64 Assembly Language Programming (hard case, tape)














Gamegear games

Sealed Games $4 each

Sonic 2 (I have more than one)

Super Battletank

Caesars Palace


$2 Cheese Cat-Astrophe (box, game, case)

$1 NBA Action (box and tray only)


Games with Case $2 each

PGA Tour Gold II

World Class Leaderboard Golf

Mortal Kombat

Sonic 2

Sonic 2

Super Columns

Sonic Chaos

Joe Montana

FIFA International Soccer

World Cup Soccer

$2 4x GG Cases


PS1 $1 games

All with Jewel Case, disc, sleeve. A Few jewel cases are missing "ears" I forget which ones, but at $2, how can you go wrong?

Jeremy Mcgrath Super Cross 98

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed

Thunder Strike 2


Streak Hoverboard Racing

WWF Attitude

NCAA Game Breaker 2001

V-Rally 2 Need For Speed


PS1 $3 games

All with Jewel Case, disc, sleeve.

Eagle One Harrier Attack

Running Wild

Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped


About my selling on AA. I have sold nothing more than old Gaming Magazines to 3 or 4 people. I do how ever have eBay (I’m sick of eBay) feedback of 413 and I have sold 2 items on Sega Age as well. One was $50 and the other $120.





Want to buy a bunch? I'm a reasonable guy. Make an offer. Shoot me a PM with inquires.



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If it makes you feel better Cebus, someone else sent me a PM about the 5200 2 mins before Benny



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I can see that this post is from 2011, so I seriously doubt it is still available, but I'm taking a chance. Any chance at all that it is available?




- Ed

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