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Do you have that one Ti Extended basic(and some regular basic) games book by I think Hal Renko & Sam Edwards? It was smaller, square-ish book. Some games were fun with that, while others wouldn't run at all. The traffic simulator one didn't. And nobody(at least none I knew) programmed that multi-page text adventure one. The drawings were wonderfully crude.

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you mean Terrific Games for the TI-99/4A. It was translated in several other languages. I have it in german language for example.



Zombies in the Swamp, Galactic Monsters, Keyboard Memory, Las Vegas a Go Go, Parrot, Kentucky Derby, Rainbow Square Dance, Qui Vive, STM, One to Five, Escher, Genius at Work, Shark Hunt, Shakespearian Shuffle, Explosion, New York, New York, Key, Black Box, Treasure Hunt, I.T. — The Adventure of the Century, The Wolf

and the Five Little Goats, Highway, Road Race, At the Market, Fallout, Ship's Attack, Mini Mancala, Stop It!, BABA, Vowels and Consonants, Astrology


Info extracted from the Cyc DVD (cadd99.com)

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