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I don't come to the Marketplace very often, but it's time I cleared out my duplicates and extra stuff! More accurately, I'd like to convert it into stuff I don't have yet. :-D Right now I'm primarily looking to trade (preferably locally - where my Milwaukee peeps at?), but if you'd rather buy, PM me and we can talk price. As you'll see, most of this stuff is pretty common (and will be valued accordingly) but there are some diamonds in the rough, especially for Intellivision fans. :)


I'll start by listing what I've got, by system:



**********Atari/Sears Titles**********

3D Tic-Tac-Toe (Atari text)

Adventure (Sears text)

Arcade Pinball (Sears text)


Asteroids (Sears text)

Basketball (Sears text)

Backgammon (Atari text)

Breakaway IV (Sears text; labels slightly faded)

Breakout (Atari pic)


01 Combat (red border on end label)

Combat (Atari pic)

Combat (Atari text) -x3

Dare Diver (Sears text)

Defender -x4

Demons To Diamonds

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Football (Sears text) -x2

Hangman (Atari pic) -x2

Haunted House

Indy 500 (Atari pic)


Mario Bros. (fat cart, gray label; top label has small "autograph")

Maze (Sears pic)

Missile Command (small text both labels)

Othello (Atari text)

Pac-Man -x3 (1 has no end label)

Raiders Of The Lost Ark -x2

Space Invaders (Atari text)

Space Invaders (Atari pic; end label torn in corner)

Space Invaders (Sears text)

Star Raiders

Super Baseball


Video Pinball (small text both labels)

Warlords -x2 (1 with poor label)

Yars' Revenge (Sears pic; poor end label)

**********Third-Party Titles**********

Barnstorming -x2

Grand Prix

Keystone Kapers

Laser Blast

River Raid II

Stampede -x2



Trick Shot


Frogger (poor label)

Donkey Kong

Space Chase

International Soccer

California Games


ATARI 5200:


Pole Position

Realsports Soccer

Realsports Tennis


ATARI 7800:

One On One



**********Mattel Electronics/INTV Titles**********

Bowling (w/ Box, Manual, Overlays; box slightly smooshed)

Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (w/ Box, Overlays; box slightly smooshed)

Baseball (w/ Box, Manual, Overlays; box slightly smooshed)

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Auto Racing (w/ manual, overlays)

Burgertime -x2 (2 overlays available)

Golf (w/manual, 1 overlay)

Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack

Lock 'N' Chase -x3 (1 manual, 2 overlays available)

NFL Football -x3 (2 manuals, 2 playbooks, 1 overlay available)

Sea Battle


Space Armada

Space Hawk

Star Strike -x2

Sub Hunt

Triple Action (w/ manual)

Pole Position

Thin Ice

**********Third-Party Titles**********

Blockade Runner

Dreadnaught Factor, The -x2 (labels need re-gluing)

River Raid

Stampede (w/ manual, 1 overlay)


Nova Blast

Demon Attack



Donkey Kong



Donkey Kong


Zaxxon -x2

Expansion Module #1 (Atari 2600 adapter)



TI-99/4A Computer System (w/ Box, Power Supply, RF Module; Box is rough, but system is clean)

TI-99/4A Computer System (w/ Power Supply, RF Module; previous owner ghetto-spliced a coax connector to RF Module; system is clean)

Speech Synthesizer

A-Maze-Ing -x2 (color label)

Alpiner (color label)

Video Games 1 (black label)

Tombstone City (color label)

Car Wars (black label)




Bubble Bobble

Metroid (silver label)

Double Dragon II

Dr. Mario

Fester's Quest


Little Nemo: The Dream Master

Metal Gear

Super Mario Bros. 2

Wizards & Warriors

Tetris (Nintendo)

"How To Win At Nintendo Games #2" by Jeff Rovin

"How To Win At Nintendo Games #3" by Jeff Rovin

"How To Win At Nintendo Sports Games" by Jeff Rovin



Super Game Boy

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest



Spider Man

Goldeneye 007 -x2

Perfect Dark -x2



Shinobi (Master System, loose)

Jungle Strike (Genesis, loose)

Aladdin (Genesis, loose)

Columns (Genesis, loose)




(Now, before you start to think, "This idiot wants to trade five Combat cartridges for THIS?," bear in mind, I'm willing to trade a good chunk of my stuff for these items. I'm perfectly open to partial trades, also. Let me know what you've got!)


At the moment, I'm on a real TRS-80 kick...



CoCo 1/2 game cartridges: Polaris, Microbes, Tetris, Androne, Spidercide, Color Baseball, Video Pinball, Football, Tennis, Skiing, Monster Maze, Mega Bug, Space Assault, Canyon Climber, CastleGuard, Dragonfire, Slay The Nereis, Clowns & Balloons, Stellar Life Line, Demon Attack, Dino Wars, Microchess, Star Blaze

CoCo Cassette Games

Tandy Deluxe Joysticks (Kraft-type)

Replacement/Spare keyboard for CoCo 1 or CoCo 2 (or dead CoCo 1 or CoCo2, as long as the keyboard's good)

TRS-80 Model II software (8" floppies)


...but I'm also on the lookout for this stuff...


ATARI: (cartridges; loose only. Cassettes, w/ case preferred)

Atari 400 Computer System

Atari 410 Cassette Unit

Atari 810 Disk Drive

Replacement Keyboard for Atari 800

400/800 Cassette games

400/800 Cartridges: Specifically Pac-Man, Blue Max, Miner 2049er, Super Breakout, Gateway To Apshai, Star Wars: The Arcade Game...let me know what you've got!

XE Light Gun

Coleco Gemini (only need the console, in decent shape)

2600 4-switch mother board (working) or working 4-switch with crappy case (my Vader needs a board swap!)

Heavy Sixer case (or dead heavy sixer)

2600: Sears pic label carts: Adventure, Chase, Poker Plus, Basketball, Race, Stellar Track, Capture

2600: Miner 2049er, Radar Lock, Dark Chambers, Xenophobe, Ikari Warriors, Motorodeo (Atari red label), Laser Gates, Tapper, Spy Hunter, Communist Mutants From Space, Rampage, other unusal/rare-ish games/items...let me know what you've got!

2600: Romscanner, Videoplexer

2600: Tron Joystick, Starplex Controller, Zircon Video Command Joysticks, Kraft Mazemaster Joysticks, other weird controllers

5200: Gyruss, Zenji, Beamrider, Zone Ranger, Rescue on Fractalus, Keystone Kapers, HERO

7800: Dark Chambers, Mario Bros., Xenophobe, Ballblazer

7800: Joypad Controllers

PONG: Sears Speedway IV


INTELLIVISION: (loose only)

Dig Dug, Body Slam: Super Pro Wrestling, Fathom, White Water, Super Cobra, Tutankham, Lady Bug, Mouse Trap, ECS games


AQUARIUS: (Boxed preferred, loose okay)

Burgertime, Chess, Utopia

Aquarius Printer

Aquarius Tape Drive



Star Wars: The Arcade Game, River Raid, Galaxian, Centipede, Gateway To Apshai, Frogger II, Nova Blast, Pitfall, Omega Race, Frenzy

Roller Controller

Super Action Controllers

ADAM Computer System/Expansion Module #3 (working)



Dynasty!, Power Lords (loose only), Brazilian Parker Bros. titles

Odyssey 2 console w/ detachable joysticks (9-pin type)


CHANNEL F: (boxed games preferable, loose okay)

Videocarts 6, 8, 10, 11, 15, 18, 19, 20, 22, 25



Game tapes (Timex/Sinclair and ZX81)

Timex/Sinclair 1500 Computer

Timex/Sinclair 2040 Printer



Games disks...action/arcade games; the older, the better! (Copies okay; must run on a 286)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Protector II, Super Demon Attack

Disk games (copies okay)

Cassette games



C64: games disks (Copies okay...let me know what you've got!)

C64: game cartridges...let me know what you've got!

C64 Cassettes

Commodore Plus/4 Computer System or Commodore 16 Computer System

VIC-20 Computer System w/ power supply

PET/CBM system



In case it isn't obvious, I'm not trying -nor am I expecting- to get all the things on my want list, or even most of them, with what I've got to trade. Just saying what I've got and what I'm after. If you see something you like, make an offer, even if what you've got isn't on the "want list" above. Thanks for reading!



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If only I were local. ;)


I'm sure there will be plenty of this stuff left by the time MGC rolls around. :-D



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Still lots of stuff left! There are some A-list NES and Intellivision games that need new homes, and instant collections for Atari 2600, Intellivision, and Odyssey!



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Update! The Odyssey games have all been cleared out, but there's still plenty of stuff left for 2600, NES, and Intellivision fans!



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