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Revival Studios has just released its first game for the Videopac and Odyssey 2 game systems, called: AstroDodge.


In this game you are controlling a nice multicolored spaceship, having to dodge the hordes of asteroids coming towards you.

The game is playable on all Videopac, Videopac+ and Magnavox Odyssey2 systems, but also includes additional support for high resolution backgrounds on Videopac+ systems, and digitized speech through the voice module.


More than that, players could also submit their highscores and achievements online through the use of a code, something has not been seen in any videopac/Odyssey2 game before.


Check out the trailer here:





Game features:

- Playable on Videopac and Odyssey2 consoles

- High resolution background on Videopac+ consoles

- Digitized speech using The voice add-on

- Animated multicolor sprites

- Internet highscore uploading

- Online rewards system

- Hidden gameplay mode


For more information about the game, including information on how to order the game on cartridge, go to the Astrododge page at http://www.revival-studios.com/?page=124

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will it run the same on a US system?


The current currency exchange rate is a bit painful, but damn, that game looks good. I had no idea that O2 was hiding so much power--even without the background.

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Yes, the game runs on both PAL and NTSC systems.

PAL/Videopac+ users have the benefit of additional background graphics, while NTSC has additional speech through the O2 voice module (you will hear supportive comments at every 100 points for example).

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