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8-bit Cartridge Label Project

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If any talented artist is willing to take a run at a "favourites" label, if it's an XE style I'd suggest an XEGS on the label itself? or an image from a multicart menu screen?  Another option would be a "Classics" XEGS label with pic of an 800 on it?

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1 hour ago, 8bitguy1 said:

a "favourites" label

here is a blank that you could add your own text to:

remember to resize it to 57mm x 55mm


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31 minutes ago, Mr Robot said:

There are a bunch of multicart labels here 




Will none of those do?


These are absolutely fabulous and I do use some of your labels.  These show respect to the hardware though, and I'm looking for labels that show respect to the software.  (I'm also not intending to pester or cajole anyone in anything other than a good natured way).  Given the blank provided xrbrevin, I will put my money where my mouth is and attempt to come up with something myself and share it back here for ridicule and critique...

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