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SOLD - Coleco ADAM Exp. Mod. #03 Package - CV/ADAM Carts

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ColecoVision ADAM Computer System Package

$90 plus actual shipping cost

I have for sale a Coleco ADAM Family Computer System (Expansion Module #03 version) that is in very good cosmetic shape and excellent working condition. Here is a list of what is included with pictures of the entire lot and details:

NOTE: The pictured ColecoVision Game System IS NOT INCLUDED.
NOTE: The pictured Custom Power Supply IS NOT INCLUDED.
NOTE: The pictured EVE SP-1 Serial/Parallel Interface and 2 driver data packs are not included.
NOTE: The Hand Controller attachment for the Keyboard is available from Atari2600.com for $5.95

ADAM Computer System:
icon_arrow.gif Expansion Module #03 Memory Console - Completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. All ports and expansion slots/interfaces have been tested and are working properly.
icon_arrow.gif Alignment/Joiner Tray for CV & Memory Console
icon_arrow.gif Digital Data Drive (Bay #1) - Tested, speed calbrated and in very good shape.
icon_arrow.gif Digital Data Drive (Bay #2) - False Door.
icon_arrow.gif Keyboard with 3' ADAMnet Cable - Completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Working perfectly.
icon_arrow.gif ADAMLink 300 Baud Internal Modem - Installs in Slot#1 inside the Memory Console. This unit's label was never affixed to it and the Modem Cable is missing. It includes original DDPs of ADAMLink I and ADAMLink II software and the manuals.

ADAM Computer System Manuals
icon_arrow.gif Setup Manual - Getting Started
icon_arrow.gif System Check-Out and Trouble-Shooting Guide (aka - Operating Tips Brochure)
icon_arrow.gif SmartBASIC - Programming with ADAM
icon_arrow.gif Word Processing - Typing with ADAM
icon_arrow.gif SmartWRITER Easy Refernce Guide
icon_arrow.gif The ADAM RFI-1 Kit
icon_arrow.gif A Free Gift for Your ADAM Brochure
icon_arrow.gif Richard Scarry's Best Electronic Word Book Ever

ADAM Storage Digital Data Packs
icon_arrow.gif 1 Coleco Brand DDP - Complete In Box and DDP is still shrinkwrapped

Software on Digital Data Pack - ORIGINAL COLECO RELEASES
icon_arrow.gif ADAM Home Software Library: Applications (DDP) - with case and insert
icon_arrow.gif ADAM Home Software Library: Mathematics & Misc. (DDP) - with case and insert
icon_arrow.gif ADAMLink I (DDP) - with manual, case and insert
icon_arrow.gif ADAMLink II (DDP) - with manual, case and insert
icon_arrow.gif Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom SuperGame (DDP) - with manual, case and insert
icon_arrow.gif Family Feud (DDP) - with original box (missing top flaps) and missing manual & insert
icon_arrow.gif SmartBASIC (DDP) - with case and insert

Software on Digital Data Pack - BACKUP COPIES
icon_arrow.gif Best of Broderbund, The: A.E. & ChopLifter (DDP)
icon_arrow.gif Donkey Kong SuperGame (DDP) - with original manual
icon_arrow.gif Donkey Kong Junior SuperGame - 5 Screen Unreleased Version (DDP)
icon_arrow.gif SubRoc SuperGame - Unreleased (DDP)

ColecoVision & ADAM Computer Cartridges

icon_arrow.gif Frenzy with Manual - $10.00
icon_arrow.gif Illusions with Manual - $10.00
icon_arrow.gif It's Only Rock'N Roll - $12.00
icon_arrow.gif Motocross Racer - $20.00
icon_arrow.gif Spy Hunter with Manual, 2 Hand Controller Overlays and 2 Super Action Controller Overlays - $20.00

Please provide at least your zip code / postal code with any inquiries so that I can supply shipping costs.







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