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Retrocade Magazine Issue #1 On Sale Now!

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I've been told by several people that the details of "what's inside" is a bit lean. So here you go - 108 pages of classic gaming goodness!


What's Inside:

Event Coverage

Scores, photos and commentary from CAGDC Contest at CA Extreme, the Richie Knucklez Invitational and the annual CAGDC 2011Tournament


Computer Space: Coin-Op Finally Begins

A historical look at the granddaddy of all coin-op arcade video games


The King Of 3

Meet George Riley, the best Donkey Kong 3 player on the planet


Unlocking the Cage On Donkey Kong Junior

Investigating the lost Donkey Kong Junior world record


High Scores Arcade

An interview with Meg and Shawn Livernoche, owners of a classic arcade in the historic district of Burlington, NJ


The Old Warehouse At TNT Amusements

Photographs taken at the old warehouse and commentary by TNT President Todd N .Tuckey


Out of the Box

Among other things, world record holder Rudy Ferretti shares his vision of the future for the electronic athlete


An Excerpt From Tron and Robotron: 30 Years Of Classic Gaming (and Counting)

A full chapter from Jeff Spega’s new book


Destroying the Rings

No Vectrex referee at Twin Galaxies? “No problem” say the Star Castle masters


Moon Cresta

Review of the latest arcade game ported to the Atari 7800


Vector Pilot

Review of Vectrex home brew by Tutstronix. Could it be the best Vectrex cartridge released to date?


Mario Bros.: How the Console Ports Stack Up

R’cade Mag takes a look at how well this arcade classic translated to the console. Includes an interview with CollectorVision’s Jean-Francois Dupuis and guest review by Tom Duncan



R’cade Mag dissects the home brews and old brews. Includes reviews on the Gulkave, Space Frenzy and Star Fortress home brews


Console War: Atari 2600 vs. Mattel Intellivision

Comparing the hardware and software of Atari’s tank with the George Plimpton endorsed console by Mattel


Atari 2600 vs. Atari 7800: Comparing the CX40 and Proline Joysticks

Which stock controller is better in comfort and functionality?


& much more!




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What people are saying about Retrocade Magazine:



"I am pleased to see all of this work and effort to support the gaming community and the gaming passion. Retrocade Magazine is the tops." - Todd Rogers


"It really focuses on classic gaming and brings back memories." - Rudy Ferretti


"The best mag on Classic Video Games since Joystik." - Catherine DeSpira


"It will become a legend in gaming history, I'm sure." - Walter Day

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