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WTB Gizmondo Games and Stuff.

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Looking for Gizmondo "Alpha", "Beta", "Pre Release", "Not For Sale" Game Cartridges and (Dev) Consoles.

If You have any "Retail" or "Not For Sale" Gizmondo Games, Systems or Stuff please PM (or WRITE at [email protected]) me with its foto and your price. Thanks in advance. :)

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Good luck on your search. I got lucky a few years back and landed a bunch of pre-release versions in a press lot I bought on ebay. Also found an E3 demo card from a guy in the UK. Since then, I've seen nothing available in any of the usual places. Just not too many people interested in the poor Giz it seems.




I also have an SSX pre-release that's not labelled as pre-release like the others, but has missing, placeholder, and incorrect text all over the box. I didn't realize it was pre-release when I took the pics above, but it came from the same lot.


Out of curiosity, do you have any currently? Always interested in seeing what else I need to keep my eyes open for!

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