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WTB various retro bits & pieces if you're willing to ship to Oz :)

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Hey all,


So - here's the deal. I'm building up the best collection of retro gaming stuff I possibly can (you can see some of my progress here - http://mygurumeditation.wordpress.com/2011/09/24/updated-collection-pics-_/ ) because I quite simply love just about anything to do with pre 2001 gaming :). The problem I face is that prices for this stuff within Australia tends to be prohibitive in comparison with what I've seen of prices in the UK, Japan and elsewhere. I'm not saying there aren't rising prices across the board, but us Aussies seem to get hit hard :P.


There is eBay, but that's often costly too. I often read some of the for sale threads here, and see things like cart games, boxed games cheap etc etc. So I want to put this wanted ad up, knowing full well that shipping to Australia will add some to the cost, but I think the relative cheapness of some of the offerings here will still leave me able to buy a few things here and there :). So, if you're interested, below are some things I'm likely to want (generally speaking, we can get into specifics later) and hopefully we can work our something that benefits both parties and increases my beloved collection :). Obviously, shipping to Aus would be a must (at my expense)


- Commodore 64 tape / cart games

- Commodore 64 disk drive + cables

- Commodore 64 disk games

- Vectrex accessories

- Nintendo NES games (cart and/or boxed)

- SNES games (cart and/or boxed)

- Sega Master System/Megadrive/Saturn/Dreamcast games (boxed or loose)

- Atari XEGS console

- Atari 2600 carts (boxed or loose)

- Neo Geo AES carts

- Sega Game Gear (boxed) + games

- Atari Lynx games


Please advise the region of any region specific games, as I'll have to match them to the system I have (e.g my SNES is PAL, but my Neo Geo AES from memory is not).


Thanks in advance!

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A large flat rate box from the U.S. to Aus. costs $58 to ship. A large flat rate box holds 56 NES games w/o sleeves. That adds about $1 per game on your end....not too bad actually. I don't have a ton of SNES games as I just sold the bulk of what I had, but I would estimate that you could get 70+ in the box. Obviously, buying in bulk would be the way to go for you if you wanted to spend that much :)

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